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05-12-06, 11:17 pm
Just want to say hello, got lots of great ideas from this site! Got two new GP's, bought a large store cage which found out was way too small for play time. Bought the materials needed a put together the coroplast cage (2x5) with the intentions of putting on a second floor in the near future! These two girls have a whole different personality now that they have room to play and explore! Thanks for the wealth of info! I'll be visiting regularly.


05-13-06, 07:38 am
Yes Craig isn't it amazing how their personality changes? No wonder for years nobody knew what a cavy could really be like since they were cooped up all day in a tiny cage.
Glad you joined and look forward to seeing pigtures of the cage and pigs.

05-13-06, 10:17 pm
Building the cage is part of the fun! I've been on here for about 10 months and I've revised my cage 5-6 times and I went from adopting 3 girls then added two more and then added 3 more (one of which recently passed). Congrats on realizing that your girls will be much happier in a bigger place. Aren't we all? :) Welcome to the forum!

05-13-06, 10:27 pm
Thanks folks. This will be a regular site visited! Jenn, Sorry to hear about one of your GP's passing, that must be a real bummer.

I want to explore the cage add-on's and rearrangements as well. What a great place to get resources!

05-13-06, 10:48 pm
Thanks for your thoughts. It came on very suddenly and I still miss her tremendously. Her name was Lola and she's in a much better place now.

I hope you have alot of fun with your girls. What are their names and what do they look like? Do you know about how old they are? Please feel free to share pigtures.

05-13-06, 11:16 pm
Mine are "Fluffy" as named by my 10 year old son, and "Cookie" named by my 8 year old. I've included both pictures. Cookie is the tan one! We actually purchased these girls from the local pet shop. They are pups. We bought little Fluffy first, then realized they are more social animals and like company. So then Cookie came along for a "fathers day gift". My boys love them as well as myself and the wife. They definately aren't neglected for attention! I do have a hard time telling if they want to go back to their cage or if they enjoy being cuddled under the blankets while we watch TV though! I usually try and tell if they are restless. If so, back in the cage. I'm working on a large grid cage specifically made for "Floor time". Ok, I'll stop rambling, attached are the pics! lol

05-14-06, 09:17 pm
Aah! How cute! I have a few girls that don't mind cuddling but a few others that will squirm to get on the floor and explore. I think it depends on the age and their personality.

My Baby Mu
05-14-06, 09:27 pm
Welcome to the forums. Your pigs are cute.

I think when pigs age they become more cuddly.