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05-12-06, 05:29 pm
:cheerful: Hello
My name is Sarah from Richmond, VA. I have had my cavies for 4 months now.
My first is Maggie Ginger. I rescued her. She had been returned by a family who did not want to pay th money to take her to the vet. I believe her old name was "Snuffles."
Maggie had severe ringworm, but thankfully has been in perfect health. Look how plump she is! Oh Yeah (she's always been a little fatty)

My other guinea, who just passed way 4/13/2006, was Minnie. She was Maggie's BEST BEST friend. She was little, so sweet and kind, and had nothing but love in her eyes.

See her blow a kiss to the camera!

Another cavy I rescued, the day before Minnie passed on, is Matilda Bell. I don't have a picture of her yet...still in the camera. When I rescued her she had long nails, very crusty eyes, was under weight, had a respiratory infection, was breathing heavily, and had mites. I thought she would die for sure....but after being on meds for weeks (she has now been off them for 3 days)...she is now plump tho not as big as Maggie...energetic...and as bossy as can be!

I will also be adopting 4 more either on 4/17/2006 or 4/18/2006. These are all ex-show cavies from a family who lived in CA. They showed them through 4-H and after they moved to VA, lost all interest. So...I will add 2 female 2 1/2 yr old tri-colored Tortoise Peruvians named Cozy & Snowpuff, 1 male almost 4 yr old tri-colored Tortoise Peruvian named Shaggy, and 1 male Texel almost 4 yr old named Kraemer to the bunch. :heart:
Right now Kraemer has lice I think...I am confident he will get better considering Maggie and Matilda have.

I can't forget one thing though...I do not own a cavy cage yet. I am still working on saving up the money to buy all the materials to build a really nice one...with 6 cavies it'll need to be huge! For now, males will be seperated and the 4 girls will be in the pairs they are used to.

Well, I've just rambled on. Thanks for reading! I would love to know if there are any other from Richmond, VA too :)

*Sarah M*

05-12-06, 05:31 pm
Oh no I can't view my pictures...oh well...one day I'll get it right :guilty:

*Sarah M*

05-12-06, 05:32 pm
You'll have to upload them to a site like Photobucket - right now the file you're pointing the IMG tag to is on your computer, which we can't access.

05-12-06, 05:36 pm
Hi & welcome to the forum!

I'm glad that you adopted instead of bought your piggies! :D

I wish I could see your pigtures, but all I see is Try uploading them onto Photobucket or something & copy & paste the "IMG" link here ;)

Good luck on your C&C cage, too! I want to make one but my dad won't buy the coroplast... Yeah. So, welcome to CavyCages again!

*Edit* I'm from MD... *Snert* Close enough.

05-12-06, 07:08 pm
hi welcome to cavycages!!!

05-13-06, 07:47 am
Welcome to the forum. Look through the cage pictures to get ideas. At some point you may want to put all 4 girls in one cage. Many people put the cages side by side so the boys and girls can visit each other. I built my cages on top of folding tables from Lowe's. The underneath is storage and they pigs are waist height. It is very nice to clean also, not having to get on the floor.

05-13-06, 03:05 pm
Hi again everyone
Thanks so much for welcoming me and giving me advice on uploading my images...I think I may have got it...I hope this works...

*ehem* Introducing Maggie...
http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j114/imabrdwaystar/MaggieGingerMendiola_edited.jpg She's not fat...just naturally big boned. (She was always the biggest pig in the bunch...that's why I love her!)
Now Introducing Minnie ...
http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j114/imabrdwaystar/OurbelovedMinnie_edited.jpg Minnie passed away 4/13/2006. She her blowing a kiss to the camera...ooh la la!

Still do not have pictures of Matilda Bell yet...I still have to take 15 pictures before my roll developes, but thankfully they will definitely be spent on the 4 cavies I am adopting next week.

Also, to Jdomans and others : I was thinking about putting the girls together (4 in total) when I build my cavy cage, but I was scared because I read somewhere that, they may fight and pull each others hair. I plan on building the cage so they have well enough space and introducing them first, but I just was hesitant to house together after I read that...think I'll be okay housing all the girls together eventually?
Also...I do plan on seperating the males/females, but having like a clear plastic viewing window so they can see each other.
Also wondering...the Texel I am adopting has a skin condition...I think the owner said it maybe lice, but of course I'll find out more...She did some research and was giving it a dip...any other recommendations in the meantime, before I take him to the vet?

Thanks so much...I hope those pictures come out!

*Sarah M*

05-13-06, 03:14 pm
Hi Sarah, welcome to the forum. If the pig has lice he will need a lice bath once a week for three weeks. The shampoo is only available through a vet, it needs to be specifically for lice, not just any old shampoo and human lice shampoo is dangerous. It isn't expensive, just under ten dollars a bottle if I remember correctly. I guess you will have to wait and see when the pigs get to you whether the previous owner has taken care of it or whether it is in fact lice at all. It is probably a good idea to just take all 4 to the vet anyway for a checkup. Cute pictures!

05-13-06, 03:32 pm
Your pigs are adorable. Welcome to the forum.

05-13-06, 04:41 pm
Sarah, look at my profile and photos. I have 7 girls in my cage. Why were you thinking of plexiglass to separate males and females? Unlike dogs, when a female is in heat, she won't back up to the 'fence' and get caught by the male pig. They love to sniff each other etc. See..this is Doolittle while he is waiting for his 3 weeks to be up after getting neutered:
The two cages share a wall.

05-13-06, 05:56 pm
PiggieMommaKelly thanks for the tip...I plan on calling the vet first thing Monday morning. I just can't wait to get poor Kraemer. I've always wanted a Texel.
Jdomans...I thought of using a small plexiglass barrier for that exact reason, but I am so very glad you told me otherwise. I had no idea! *eek* This is my first go round with having males and I just wasn't sure. The Peruvians were bred once before and I would never want them to go through that again. By the way, Doolittle is too cute...oh that's another thing I should inquire about...Do the males in fact have a stronger odor than the girls when not neutered? Are all your pigs spayed/neutered? I would really love to know the benefits of that for all guinea pigs.

*Sarah M*

05-13-06, 08:44 pm
Surgery is rough on them as they are small and they are ground-dwelling so infection risks are high. Most exotics vets only recommend or will do spays if the sows have hormonal problems like ovarian cysts.

Neutering is less invasive, but you should only do it if you are putting the male with females. There is sometimes less impaction problems if you do it, but I don't think that's enough of a benefit to do it.

There aren't the same benefits to it as there are for dogs, cats and rabbits.

05-13-06, 10:06 pm
Welcome to the forum. I can't give you too much advice when it comes to housing males and females except to make sure you don't have them together obviously. And I haven't had much experience with lice, but I think I've read somewhere on here that Advantage will take care of that. Try doing a search to see if you can find more info. I know that it's been brought up in the past.

As far as housing four girls, I have seven and they do have their occasional spats but they get along pretty well. You'll want to make sure you introduce on neutral grounds and make sure your cage and everything else is cleaned when you put them all together.

Good luck with building your cage. I've built and revised my cage 5-6 times. It's very addicting. Welcome again. And your girls are cutie pies.

05-13-06, 10:23 pm
Sarah there is absolutely nothing wrong with housing them side by side as males in one and females in another. You must make sure the boys have plenty of room though. I have read on this forum of someone who had two males and when the girls came into heat they fought with each other. I think they ended up putting the boys in another room all together. I had Doolittle neutered because I don't want him spending his life like he does in that picture and because I am in an apartment and have no place for a second cage for Doo to have a male buddy.
As far as smelling Doolittle goes, I don't smell him until I actually check his penis. LOL None of my girls are spayed. There is no need for it.

My Baby Mu
05-14-06, 09:46 pm
Welcome to the forum.

05-15-06, 10:29 am
Hi everyone

Thanks for all the replies.

Since this is my first go round with having males...I was thinking of seperating the two boys...they do not live together currently.
I was thinking of having Kraemer in his own cage on the side...the girls in the big middle cage...and then Shaggy in his own cage on the other side. Do ya'll think I'm making this way more complicated than it needs to be, or do you think they'll be okay? I just do not want anyone fighting or getting crazy and pulling out fur, nipping ears, etc.

Also, I had to reschedule picking up my new 4 guineas...I got so lost trying to find the womans house this morning, since she lives way out in the country. Oh well.

I also bought the grids last night from Target. They sell boxes of 6 storage cubes in stainless steel for the price it would have cost me to get 4 cubes in white from the Home Depot. I got two boxes...so that's 72 grids. I might need another box to make another level.

I'm still looking at ideas here...I think I'll build the cage part first, so then I'll know the exact measurements of the coroplast I need. Is it easy to bend the grid to make stairs, lofts, etc? Also, when it comes to making a ramp...what are some good recommendations so they get good traction?

I'm going to try a themed cage...I'm thinking of calling it "Pigs in Paris."
I found this lovely border with the Eiffel Tower in black and white...still looking for other accessories though. Yea, I just can't wait!

*Sarah M*

05-15-06, 10:39 am
Correct me if i'm wrong but I heard wallpaper can be hazardous to guineapigs.
Is this the kind of border you are talking about and is it going on the inside or outside of the cage?

05-15-06, 10:59 am
Sarah, you are making things more difficult than they out to be. Put the boys in a cage with a divider fixed so that soon they can be without a divider. How will they ever get to know one another if they are on either side of the girls? Make one large cage for them and place grids in the middle with zip ties or the connectors and let them enjoy each other's company.

05-15-06, 11:07 am
I think you're right Jdomans...that's what I'm going to do....oh and the wallpaper border will be on the outside. I would never want them eating that. lol

About my last post too...what about lofts, bending the grids, and what to use so they won't slide down the ramp (besides good railings)?

*Sarah M*

05-15-06, 01:11 pm
Look at my photos Sarah and all others. Bend the grids opposite the line where they are soldered. You will see a seam. Don't bend that. I just put my foot on them and pulled up! I bought one of the really cheap like $3 door mats from Wal-Mart and cut a slice of it. Using zip ties, I attached it to the gird for a base. Just take the same knife you cut the coro with and poke a hole in the mat. After looking at all the photos under ramps, you may see something better.

05-16-06, 11:03 am
Today is a great day! I rescued my four new guineas today. All of them are huge compared to Maggie and Matilda.
I'm introducing the girls as we speak. Snowpuff seems to be the most dominant one. I think she's going to give little Matilda (who is like half her size) a run for her money. Matilda is very curious about her imparticular.
Now she's popcorning and running around my room like a crazy girl...I think she like Snowpuff..everytime she seems her she goes crazy.
Maggie and Cozy could care less. They're both in the igloo sitting down.
Shaggy, the Peruvian male, is beautiful and spunky...though he was very timid at first to get his fruit/veggies I prepared for him. Then there's Kraemer...He's beautiful too. He's a texel (though with his skin condition you kinda can't tell) but his coloring is just like a Himalayan...pink eyes and all. Thankfully, he's going to the vet tomorrow at 4pm. He really needs some help!

Going to take more pictures now...

*Sarah M*

05-16-06, 11:32 am
Oh boy pigtures soon. Thanks Sarah. I know you are having a great day.

05-17-06, 05:24 pm
:weepy: Kraemer went to the vet today. The vet said he weighed a little over a lb. He was itching soo very much...and he has like 3 or 4 spots that are so raw that they were bloody. It was awful. At certain points he would roll onto his back and itch...other times he would itch a certain spot and he would scream in pain. The vet also said he may have scratched his right eye, since there was some discharge and a film over it. At one point the vet said, "Kraemer, I feel so bad for you that I could just cry." Even the vet tech before I left with him said, "Good luck with that one." He's in bad shape. He must have been this way for awhile...his fur is like flaking off his body. His nails were also really long too...on one paw one nail was curling and overlapping the others...and on another paw one nail was practically gone and the others were just worn down so much.

The vet gave him 2 injections of medicine, an ointment for his eye, an oral suspension for his skin, and also another ointment to put on his open cuts and the areas that he keeps itching (which is basically all over)...he stinks too, but that maybe from the lice and being in such bad shape in general.

When I rescued him and the others...the previous owner had given me a bag of bottles, random dishes, a tiny bit of food, and a little cozy...everything was filthy though. I had to throw all the bottles away because they had mold (and I'm talking green and brown filmy mold) covering the whole inside. *sigh* I just hope he gets better.

*Sarah M*

05-18-06, 02:55 am
Sarah, It sounds as if you have a good vet. Poor Kraemer. Just think, he is feeling better already poor little guy. you must take before and after pictures. Take one now and another in say 4 weeks and another in 2 or 3 months etc. That would be something to see. How about the others? what about them and skin issues? Keep us updated regularly.

05-18-06, 08:31 am
I take all my animals...esp my guineas to see that vet. She's really thorough. Kraemer seems much more relaxed this morning. I felt so bad for him yesterday afternoon. He was itching so much he started screaming...rolling on his back and itching...he just wouldn't stop. I gave him his other medicine this morning...he was not a fan of all that. By the end though, when I was putting the ointment to heal his open sores and help with the itch, he seemed to just give in and let me put it on him.
I took a picture of him a couple hours after arriving home. I think I'll take another one today, so that'll be the picture of him at the beginning of his treatment. Right now he's sleeping.

I think I'll take him out after Shaggy has his floor time. Speaking of Shaggy...he's looking at all the girls roam around and he desperately wants to be with them. He keeps trying to cut the bars with his teeth.

Oh my goodness...on closer inspection on Shaggy's fur I saw one little white wiggley thing. On one spot on his lower back he has flaky skin too. Oh no...thank goodness I have some of Kraemer's medicine for the time being.

These poor guinea pigs...will it ever end!?! I better check the girls just in case.

It's on them too! This is an awful day.

*Sarah M*

05-18-06, 11:36 am
They are lucky to have found their way to you. Sounds like they were pretty neglected wherever they were before. Hopefully your little guy will improve quickly so he can finally enjoy his life without being in a state of constant scratching. Sounds like they all could use a trip to the vet. Is there any way the person you got them from would chip in for vet costs?? Seems like they ought to because the pigs got so bad in that person's care.

05-18-06, 12:32 pm
Okay...I gave everyone some of that pink medicine I'm given Kraemer, as well as, the ointment for the itching. I think everyone might go to the vet next week when Kraemer is due.
I very much doubt that woman would chip in to pay for their vet bills. *sigh* I'll let her know what's going on with them tho...she seems a bit clueless to how bad Kraemer really is though.
Earlier today I cleaned Shaggy's cage, the two girls cage, and my own Maggie and Matilda's cage. I vacuumed the whole room and moved a few things around. The previous owner was using pellets for their bedding, which after a while would breakdown into sand...boy that smelled (even after a day)! *cough cough* Glad that's done with.

*Sarah M*

05-18-06, 02:39 pm
Sarah, don't hesitate any longer to schedule an appointment for them all. I am surprised that your vet didn't say that if one has bugs and skin issues then the others that came with him do too. Until you treat them all at the same time, you are going in circles getting nowhere. See one of those shots Kraemer got yesterday may have been Ivermectin. They all should have gotten one and all again in a week. See if you can't them in tomorrow. If they all have mites, and Kraemer is the only one who got Ivermectin, then you are just putting cream on them for itch but the mites are still there.

05-18-06, 04:49 pm
The rest of them seemed fine when I first brought them home...it wasn't until this afternoon when they were in their play pen having floor time that I noticed Shaggy and the girls had little white wiggly things in their fur, since their fur is so long and thick. They haven't been itching either. Hopefully I caught it at the beginning. I would take them to the vet, but I have to work the rest of the week and I start school the beginning of next (I'm taking excellerated summer courses)...so I'll just have to wait until Kraemer's app. to bring them all in. The vet did say I could get ivomec online or from Southern States, I'll check into that asap.

*Sarah M*

05-18-06, 04:57 pm
jdomans is right, if they have mites and/or lice (the bugs sound like lice), they all should be treated if they live together or near eachother. Both of those things are highly contagious and they will just keep passing it around if you don't get them all doses of ivomec/ivermectin. Boy, you sure have your hands full! I'm so sorry these pigs came to you in such awful condition!

05-18-06, 04:59 pm
Sarah, at least call and let the vet know. The thing is, that everything you are doing for Kraemer will be completely undone because you may kill what bugs he has now but he is also receiving new ones and the other pigs are now hosting exisiting bugs and new hatches. I don't know how to explain to you that what you are doing is absolutely nothing.

Before the days of Frontline and Advantage when we had to deal with fleas, vets always told their clients to treat everything at the same time or it wouldn't work. That is, spray the house, bath the dog/cat, and treat the yard all on the same day. Many times clients would leave their pet at the office to be bathed and go home and deal with things there.

I understand what you have with school etc. Just please don't get disappointed if the situation with the pigs takes even longer to go away. Do you feel comfortable giving the pigs injections? See if you call, maybe you can run by the office and pick up some Ivermectin already drawn up for you in syringes for each pig. This will need to be repeated between 7-10 days before a new cycle of mites hatch. It is just an under the skin injection with an insulin syringe.

My Baby Mu
05-18-06, 06:40 pm
PiggieMamaKelly-ivermections treats mites, not lice which is what her pigs probably have.

05-18-06, 09:54 pm
Sounds like they have both because she saw some "bugs" crawling on the other pigs (not Kraemer), and Kraemer sounds like he has mites. I had a pig with both once, it was awful. We did the shampoo first and when the bugs were gone but the itching stayed, we did the Ivermectin.

05-19-06, 07:46 am
I was reading that Ivomec will treat mites, fungus, certain lice, etc...it's pretty wide ranging...they use it in Heartgard and lots of other things. I'm going to go pick some up today before I work later this afternoon.
Kraemer is starting to move around more. That little guy has my heart on a string and he knows it...after I got up and made their snack bowls, the second I came in the room to clean cages, give clean bowls with food/hay, and give snacks out, that little one start "wheeek wheek"-ing...he proped himself up on the side and kept looking out to see what was happening. He's the sweetest boy...I just have 4 more pictures I take before I have to develope them, so pigtures soon!
I think I'll also look into some pyrethrin dip, which the previous owner used on Kraemer, or some Squeek-E-Clean stuff from PetSmart....Kraemer is super stinky and maybe a small bath would help losen all the matted crumbly fur...have to ask the vet first though.

*Sarah M*

Percy's Mom
05-19-06, 09:44 am
If they have any signs of mites, lice, or fungal infection, you don't want to bathe them unless they have already been treated, or the vet gives you a specific shampoo as part of the treatment. Regular bathing can irritate their skin even more.

As far as the pyrethrin dip goes, I would avoid that altogether. I'm hoping that someone with more knowledge on such things will come and give you more details. Please read this list of common mistakes as well. Treating with a dip is covered under "Hair Loss". http://www.guinealynx.info/common_mistakes.html

05-19-06, 10:20 am
When Polly had mites, my vet treated her for both mites and fungus because we were not sure. I have the prescription shampoo Nizoral and I was told not to bath her in it. It is an antifungal. She was given Invermectin injections a week a part and I was told to apply Monistat cream to her areas daily.
Pyrethrin: http://pmep.cce.cornell.edu/profiles/extoxnet/pyrethrins-ziram/pyrethrins-ext.html This is from Cornell.

Do NOT buy a thing OTC for your pigs. You may end up killing them. Also, making up your own batch of topical Ivermectin can be lethal. Your guys are very weak. They have not been keep nutritionally strong. Something they may not harm another GP may actually kill yours. When you say you are going to pick up some Ivermectin, what are you exactly picking up? Dog heartworm preventative, horse wormer, what? Do nothing but call your vet and let them know what you have seen as far as the bugs crawling on the pigs etc. They will tell you what to do.

Percy's Mom
05-19-06, 10:38 am
If you want to pick up the Ivermectin yourself (1% Injectible Solution), they have it at Southern States in the cooler case at the front of the store by the horse supplies. This is already at the correct concentration to use topically on your pigs. SS also has the horse paste that you can dilute and give orally, but the topical application requires less preperation.
Since you are going into the vet anyway, they can hopefully get you the 1cc syringes you you need to dispense the Ivermectin.

Directions for proper topical application, including a weight conversion chart, can be found at http://www.guinealynx.info/ivermectin_topical.html. You may also want to breeze through the rest of the GL site for information on mites, lice, fungus, and general guinea pig health issues.

05-19-06, 11:04 am
Goodness people don't get in a frenzy lol...I would never do anything without my vets go-ahead...I picked up the Ivomec from Southern States, which is exactly what she told me to do.
I'm not going to give them regular baths...I know better. I just know that Kraemer is very sticky from all the ointment and stinky...and only after his treatment will I give him a small bath to get all the gook out using a small animal safe shampoo. He's been progressing since his vet trip and I know the others will be too. The vet told me exactly how much to give them and even marked it for me. I would never give them anything over the counter either...except Pedialite(sp?) which I used in the past when I rescued and cared for my past guinea pigs...but that's a different story.
I only thought of the Prythrin because the previous owner told me after she used the dip, Kraemer got some relief from it and his fur on his back started growning back....but with all the other treatments the vet gave him though I'm going to leave the dip alone...don't want to over do it.
Thanks for all the info though

*Sarah M*

05-26-06, 06:05 pm
I have lots of Pigtures finally! :cheerful:

First the new ones I'm fostering...
This is Shaggy...he had his hair cut today.
Shaggy with Long fur.
Another of Shaggy.

05-26-06, 06:09 pm
Kraemer...the picture came out weird, but you can sorta see how awful he looked 9 days ago. This is where he had all that goo I had to put on him and his matted crusty fur.
Kraemer...ouch! Poor baby feels awful.
Kraemer today drinking water.

There are some Kraemer pigtures.

05-26-06, 06:11 pm
Kraemer saying Hello today just before the vet.
The girls Cozy and Snowpuff...they had a little bath today with small animal safe wash...boy their water was dirty!

Pigtures of Kraemer and the girls

05-26-06, 06:12 pm
Here's more pigtures of my Maggie ...and Matilda.

...Well, I hope all these go through

05-26-06, 06:13 pm
Lastly, Here is Matilda Bell :


05-26-06, 06:21 pm
Oh my gosh. I am in love with Maggie. And Matilda looks like she could belong in my herd. lol

05-26-06, 07:51 pm
I LOVE Kraemer! He is so fuzzy and cute!

I have a piggy who's named after a Seinfeld character too, because of his hairstyle. My boy is Costanza, named after George Costanza, because they are both bald! Kraemer's hair does look like Kramer from Seinfeld.

My Baby Mu
05-26-06, 08:05 pm
Cutie pigtures. I do suggest you wouldn't put Kreamer with the girls because of accidental pregnancys (unless Kreamer is neutered or the girls are spayed). Go here for information in breeding and why not to http://cavyspirit.com/breeding.htm (http://cavyspirit.com/breeding.htm).

05-27-06, 05:36 am
Kraemer still has a little ways to go with his treatment. He recieved his second shot yesterday and a refill to another perscription...poor little guy, when I gave him a bath with the small animal safe wash, I had to also use a little comb to get all the matty crusty fur off (just wouldn't come out any other way...plus he smelled something sinful!)...almost all of his fur from his bottom is gone...yep, he's got a bald bottom...but this is no surprise b/c he was the worst there. He's feeling much peppier today though...came right up to the door and perched his front paws up on the side after I opened it. His fur should get much fluffier and curly, since he is a Texel, when he gets better and it starts to grow out more.
Also...I know about not putting Kraemer with any of the girls...I've rescued many others and seen what can happen if people do not take the proper steps to take care of them (esp like in Kraemer's case) and prevent mass breeding (which I've taken in animals that have been pregnant and inbred with previous litters...and boy was that a task!) Thanks for the info though.
I'm glad people like the pigtures...yea! :)

05-27-06, 08:02 am
Oh they are beautiful. I want Kraemer!! Watch out I am going on a road trip!! I can be there in 8 hours.

Percy's Mom
05-27-06, 08:32 am
Hey Judy! If you road trip to Richmond to adopt Kraemer, give me a call. We'll do lunch or something.

All of them are adorable. I wish I wasn't at capacity right now.

05-27-06, 11:56 am
Just wanted to let everyone know that I have posted these little ones up for adoption on the site...it goes into a bit more detail on each one and includes pigtures too. Cozy and Snowpuff, as well as, Shaggy have been treated with the ivomec, were given baths to get the grit out, and had their fur/nails trimmed...Shaggy's was way too long, so his took more time...the girls hair was short except for near their face...I just shaped that up. I always like it when you can see their little expressions.
I hope everyone saw the previous pigtures on the first page as well...I think Shaggy looks very stylish and you can kinda make out a little smirk lol.

Anyway, Jdomans and others...you're more than welcome to adopt Kraemer or the others when I get the go ahead from the vet...even though I posted their available in Richmond, VA...if you can come up here and have the extra space I have absolutely no problem with that :)

05-27-06, 01:37 pm
jdomans, if you get Kraemer, I will be so jealous. He will be a lucky piggie. I hope you can get him. What's an eight hour trip? And you can see PM as a bonus.

05-27-06, 09:14 pm
Oh they are beautiful. I want Kraemer!! Watch out I am going on a road trip!! I can be there in 8 hours.

I'll help pay for the gas and piggie food if you take me with you. ( My heart is melting for Matilda!).

The guinea pigs are adorable.

05-28-06, 08:25 am
Do you guys know just how crazy my family would know I was!! Now if there was to be a midnight train to GA then......

05-28-06, 10:47 am
LOL I liked the Midnight Train comment...well, I'll keep ya'll updated on all of them atleast. I'm glad people think they're cute...all the guineas I rescued first came to me in awful shape. Maggie, who always sits in her hay bowl, had the worst ringworm I'd ever seen...thankfully, she healed very fast from that...she was always fat though, so I'm sure that helped her recovery.
Now Matilda Bell...oh goodness me!...she was so under weight, had the longest nails I'd ever seen, had the worst URI I literally thought she was going to die within a few days, crusty eyes, etc...that little girl faught so very hard though. She's the toughest little bossy cookie you'll ever find. She maybe little, but she doesn't give up worth anything. She's put on so much weight too...might not look like it from the pigture, but she was even smaller.
Well, just recieved other emails from people trying to rehome some rabbits...more little ones to rescue!

05-28-06, 11:15 am
Well, could you get a piggie train going? When I adopted my last girls, they were picked up in WI and taken to someone near Chicago who met me half way. I drove 4hrs round trip for them.

05-28-06, 08:10 pm
I just had to get another look at Matilda.
She's quite the poser, isn't she?

05-29-06, 02:02 pm
I think Matilda thinks she's a beauty queen...that or a super model cavy...yes, she's the Kate Moss of cavies she's got Timothy Hay ciche (sp?)

05-29-06, 02:54 pm
I think Matilda thinks she's a beauty queen...that or a super model cavy...yes, she's the Kate Moss of cavies she's got Timothy Hay ciche (sp?)

Timothy Haye would be a cute piggie name.
I can't get mine still for very long to get a good picture.
I want to adopt but I need to wait until after the babies and see how that goes.
But I have been looking at them in pet finder.

05-30-06, 11:05 am
Good thing you've been looking around for adoptables...I'm sure you'll find the perfect furry baby when the time comes Spiffy :)
There is another cavy I know that needs adoption in my area. I haven't contacted them yet and I haven't seen any posts that it's been adopted yet...this is on another site...I might contact her if she can not place the guinea pig into a proper home...perhaps she'd let me foster it like I am my others.
I really want to start a small rescue and I've been reading things here and there to get an offical non-profit up and running. There are still some people I'm going to contact in my area with more specific state info on the subject. If anyone has any links on starting one that would be fabulous. I need to think of names as well. We don't have an official cavy rescue in central richmond, va...the closest official one would be the Metropolitan G Pig Rescue, but that's farther north. Where to begin...*sigh*
Oh yes, and on another note...Kraemer one of the potential adoptables...yesterday when I came home and started to begin my check of them, feed them, give meds, etc...his whole lower back was bloody. His nails are not long, but somehow he itched himself over and over again in that area that he opened up a large area of skin. I immediately took a warm wash rag to that area to get the crusty blood off and see how bad things really were, but thankfully he didn't scratch very deep...I also put the ointment the vet gave for his cuts/stop the itch. The spot was already clotting and trying to heal itself though...it's still very tender though and red. I called the vet because she had been concerned of him opening old wounds/creating new ones and she told me to perhaps get some type of bandage to fit over his body, but to cut holes for his feet and so he could go to the bathroom...I tried that, but it didn't work and regular bandage strips would just be picked off of him as well. I don't know what to do, but I have been monitoring him closely. He hasn't touched it so far and he has let me keep putting ointments on the area. I just hope he keeps doing better. That poor little guy has had one rough life!

05-30-06, 11:25 am
Maybe you could cut the toe off a sock, cut some little holes for feet, and stick it over him like a little sweater?

Or if you're crafty, you could knit or crochet or sew him a little sweater or shirt to protect the wounded area.

05-30-06, 11:45 am
I work in a nursing home and they have this dressing 9bandage) covering that I have used on arms for people who can't have tape or to keep them from picking at the dressing.
It's stockinette I think. It's like a stretchable netting that is tube shaped and you can cut it to size. Something like that may work plus it won't make it so hot.

05-30-06, 01:11 pm
That sounds like a good idea and maybe even a simple ace bandage wrapped just so for him. Poor baby he is just so sweet.
Question: I am curious about the pigs you rescued. You said they were 4H pigs. So I assume they were shown, why are they in such deplorable condition then?

05-30-06, 07:55 pm
When we had to wrap Tarzan's foot, we put neosporin, then gauze, then stretchy self-adhesive ace bandage. Very similar to vet wrap. Then a piece of tape at the crease to be sure he didn't pull it off. You can try that with him, but be sure not to wrap too tight.

05-31-06, 09:48 am
I think I will try another bandage today. I heard him scream a little today because he tried to itch the spot again...I ran to him and picked him up. Thankfully there was no blood and he didn't re-open any of his wounds. I applied some more ointment to the area and now he's napping on his blanket.
Jdomans...yes they were shown through 4H, but this was awhile ago from what the woman had told me. Shaggy was the main cavy that was shown and he was in the best shape of all...although him and the girls had some lice, but with treatment look better now. Kraemer was absolutely the worst though...I don't know why in the world she didn't take the poor thing to the vet the moment he started showing signs. I've never seen a cavy in such bad shape. She had told me in the beginning that she also has horses and uses the ivomec for them...the same exact stuff you can buy at Southern States...I don't know why she couldn't have just looked up the correct dosage to treat him and the others...or if she didn't know, call the vet or look online and ask. I just don't understand it sometimes...she was just prolonging his suffering and now it's going to take months probably for him to fully recover. It's just sad.
He's going to be the hardest to let go and at first I really didn't want to, but hopefully when the time is right and he's doing much better, God will find him the perfect forever family.

05-31-06, 09:49 am
Abys, you don't think the 'vet wrap' would take off his sore spots? It has been awhile since I worked with it. That is why I thought an old fashioned ace that Velcros to itself at the end.

05-31-06, 10:14 am
Abys, you don't think the 'vet wrap' would take off his sore spots? It has been awhile since I worked with it. That is why I thought an old fashioned ace that Velcros to itself at the end.

I don't think it will if there is ointment on the spot. But, i'm not a vet and haven't had to treat my GPs yet. (Hopefully I won't either).
I don't know how they can breed and show them then give them up like they don't care about them anymore. (As if they did in the first place).
And another thing, I'd be afraid to show any animal at fairs. If you think about it, how many animals are in close proximity to each other and what if someone knowingly or unknowingly brought in one with mites or lice or a sick one? Some of those barns that they show them in get pretty hot too and smelly. (Which will give me something to do this summer! I plan on checking them out and asking questions, and making sure they are being treated right).
And TY to all you foster parents and rescues for gjiving them a better life.

05-31-06, 11:13 am
I really do want Kraemer but unless we can get a train going I can't drive 8 hours to you to get him. If we could get him even to Charleston, SC I would shoot over and get him.

05-31-06, 12:48 pm
*Sigh* Kraemer is having a difficult time...well there's no other way to really say it withut being exact...poop...he's having a hard time pooping. I tried calling the vet, but she's the on-call surgery vet today...I atleast left a message. His poop is coming out in big quarter sized clumps...or atleast one did. I feel like crying. I just don't know what to do for him. My Mum said that maybe I could give him a tiny bit of Citracell (sp?) in hopes that it might help him pass what's left. He's still eating hay and some carrots I gave him...I just don't know what else to do for the poor guy. Everyone please pray for Kraemer!

Percy's Mom
05-31-06, 12:49 pm
Sounds like Kraemer is impacted. Have you tried to clean him out and get whatever is left in him out?

05-31-06, 12:56 pm
Well sure PM why would he not be impacted? The rest of his little self has been neglected so why not his bits? God knows if you can't keep the fellow's skin healthy why would you be bothered with his penis area? Stinking people. I am mad.

Percy's Mom
05-31-06, 01:02 pm
Seriously, I know you've been doing a great job with this poor little ones, but have you made sure Kraemer's penis will come out, cleaned around him there, and cleaned out his anal sac?

05-31-06, 02:07 pm
Originally Posted by jdomans
Abys, you don't think the 'vet wrap' would take off his sore spots? It has been awhile since I worked with it. That is why I thought an old fashioned ace that Velcros to itself at the end.

I put a thick layer of gauze in between the skin and vetwrap. The vetwrap is there purely to keep the gauze on.

05-31-06, 06:17 pm
I'm mad too Jdomans! Poor Kraemer I just can't stand it...I read the page on GuineaLynx about Impaction and the email you sent...thanks to all for letting me know...I tried searching but was unsure what it was called. I got some mineral oil and cleaned out his area really well. It was smelly, he was sooo very uncomfortable, but I do believe I got everything out for the time being. I flushed out the area after all that and he looks way better than he did down there. I also checked Shaggy multiple times and he looks exactly as he should down there.
Oh goodness...I was so scared when I first found Kraemer like that. I'm going to do some more reading. What can I do besides regular cleaning to help prevent this from happening?

Percy's Mom
05-31-06, 06:36 pm
Some pigs need daily cleaning to prevent them from being impacted. You also want to make absolutely sure that he has hay all the time, plenty of water, and his veggies every day. Bedding on fleece can also help. He could possibly be getting shavings or CareFresh in him. I don't recall what kind of bedding you use.

06-01-06, 07:13 am
Thanks for the tip Percy'sMom...yep, all my little ones always have plenty food/hay/water and their snack time...just need to switch his bedding now. I use the Carefresh Ultra. I don't have fleece, but I do have plenty of old towels...perhaps this will work? Poor baby Kraemer...I wish he was never in all this mess...why couldn't the previous owner just have been responsible!?!...his much too sweet to go through all of this. Everyday my heart is pulling for him.

Oh yes...and I almost forgot to mention...please look at the Cavy Chat section of the boards. Cozy and Snowpuff are going to be adopted in Pittsburgh, PA! Woohoo! The only thing is I need to start a little Cozy/Snowpuff "Cavy Train" so we both don't have to drive hours and hours...if you or anybody you know on here would love to be part of the Cavy Train please let us know. :)

06-01-06, 02:47 pm
Okay...Well, today's my second day that I have been cleaning his little bootay out to help with Kraemer's impaction. Kraemer hates it so very much...poor little thing.
I was reading...and like Percy'sMom had explained...it's extremely important to make sure he (as well as everyone) always has high quality pellets, hay, water with their supplements, and fruit/veggies. This has never been a problem...but I just wish there were other things I could do for him. Are regular cleanings the only thing I could do for him?...even though he hates being cleaned down their? I was also reading about neutering, but I wanted some opinions on this. Jdomans...was one of your males neutered?
*sigh* I just want to give this boy an easier life than the one that he had before...I'll do anything to help him.
I'm scared if he has surgery to be neutered, if he'll make it through and everything will go smoothly considering his size...and I'm scared that if he doesn't, he'll be destined to suffer through unpleasant/unwelcome cleanings for the rest of his life.

06-01-06, 03:19 pm
I hate to say this but Kraemer may have to deal with this his entire life. Did you actually remove more stuff today? I think for now, you must check him daily. If you find he is clean then hooray!
I have one boar named Doolittle. I have never had to clean him out. He makes plenty of boar grease though!! Doo is neutered because when I adopted him, I couldn't stand the thought of him living along side of the girls all alone. If you go back in the cavy chat section a few pages you will see a thread about him getting neutered. There are pics of him google eying the girls through the grids. His 3 weeks of waiting he watched them 24/7. As for Kraemer getting neutered, I wouldn't consider it until he is healthy. If he was here (hint hint) I would have him in here, the study, just like we did Doolittle. Once Doolittle was giving an all clear by the vet, we put him in next to the girls and had him neutered. He never skipped a beat. We are fortunate here to have a superb vet (Dr. Richard Bink). Kraemer would be loved on by us in here while he was getting his health up.
Might I suggest that you get some generic Vit. C chewable tabs and crush them up over your rescue's veggies each day? This will help speed up their body strength. Again, there is something on GL about that. There is also a website called Georgeous Guineas. They are in the UK and I am sure it is more than you want to put into a rescue. Take a look see anyhow.