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05-12-06, 05:13 pm
I'm Morgan I own one piggy(Alex).I'm new here so please be nice.I love guinea pigs and I'm a vegetarain..and that's me!

05-12-06, 05:14 pm
please feel free to mail me!

05-12-06, 05:19 pm

Please slow down. Let me repeat the previous warning you were given. This is NOT a chat room. We DO expect you to take your time and write good posts.

Thank you.

05-12-06, 07:07 pm
what?!? I'm confused.

05-12-06, 07:10 pm
Well, you've posted numerous threads stating the same thing over & over... I'm not trying to be rude, just saying. ;)

05-12-06, 07:22 pm
You have 2 or 3 threads you have started introducing yourself. If you start another one, I am going to ban you for a week.

05-12-06, 08:00 pm
You are also still having trouble posting properly.

You must read the policies and guidelines (http://cavycages.com/forum/announcement.php?f=27&a=7). You have been warned enough. You will get no further warnings about your poor posting habits.

The next post from you that is lacking in capitalization or breaking other forum rules you will get a one week banning.

05-13-06, 07:50 am
Hi Morgan, welcome to the group. We would love to see pigtures of Alex. Tell us more about him.

05-13-06, 09:59 am
Oh, I'm really sorry I'm just so used to chat speak.

05-13-06, 11:57 am
*Pat* When I came on here, I was still using chat speak. But I don't understand how it's so hard to type 2 more letters & spell "You". (I'm not talking about you, genuinejeans.) I don't really see the point in not typing/spelling/punctuating correctly, since I type this this even in chatrooms or on MSN. *Shuts her mouth now*

Percy's Mom
05-13-06, 12:41 pm
We are not going to have a discussion of the hows and whys of the rules or whether any of you can follow them or not. They are what they are. Keep the thread on topic from now on.

05-13-06, 10:15 pm
Welcome to the forum and please post a pigture of Alex.

My Baby Mu
05-14-06, 09:49 pm
Welcome to the forum and if you can post a picture of Alex.

05-17-06, 11:05 am
hold on.......I

05-17-06, 11:11 am
hold on.......IThe point of this post is...?

Are you purposely trying to get into trouble?

05-17-06, 12:02 pm
What are some of Alex's favorite toys? Does he have a cozy or a pigloo?