View Full Version : piggie birthday cake?

Becky cavy mad
05-12-06, 03:26 am
It's Ollie and Ambers 1st birthday in 3 days and I would like to make them some kind of special piggie cake.
Any ideas of what I could make it out of?

05-12-06, 05:34 am
Veggies! haha.

Percy's Mom
05-12-06, 06:24 am
Here is a link to the veggie "cupcake" I suggested to fourbwabbys when she was planning Tarzan and Jane's birthday party. I hope it's helpful. http://www.cavycages.com/forum/showthread.php?t=15912&highlight=cupcake

05-13-06, 09:26 pm
My pigs absolutely loved the veggie cake PM told me about.

05-13-06, 09:46 pm
You could make a pellet mash and form it into a cake shape and stick something like thin carrots up as "candles"