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05-11-06, 01:32 pm
I have been thinking of going vegetarian for a long time and mentioned it to my mom about a year ago. She blew up in my face and started crying. She said that I would have all kinds of health problems and would get osterioperosis. She also said that she was not going to pay for any food for me if I stoped eating meat. I know that is not true and tried explaining it to her but she won't believe me. I'm turining 18 in a few months and am planning to go off meat but I don't want to upset her. Any suggestions on convincing her that its OK to be vegitarian or should I just do it and not talk to her about it at all?

Percy's Mom
05-11-06, 02:19 pm
Your best bet is to do a lot of research between now and your birthday. Find nutrition charts that show what vitamins and minerals are contained in different vegetables and fruits and other non-meat foods. Are you planning on being a vegetarian or a vegan. If vegetarian, you can also point out to your mother that you will be getting calcium from dairy products and lots of protein from eggs, dairy, beans, soy products and a ton of other things. If you do your research and possibly consult a nutritionist or dietician, you can be extremely healthy and be a vegetarian.

05-11-06, 03:12 pm
I agree with PM, if you show your mom that you have done a lot of research, and tell her about all the benefits beeing a vegetarian, maybe she'll be more supportive this time.

Good luck, I'm sure you won't regret it!

05-11-06, 03:55 pm
Once you're 18, what you do is your choice. Your mom will either learn to deal with it, or she won't, but that shouldn't affect your choices or your desire to become a vegetarian. Your mom will see the truth once you become a vegetarian and stay healthy.

05-12-06, 12:16 am
Here are some links that explain all about a vegetarian diet with nutritional diet information, meal plans e.t.c. All you need to take is a b12 suppliment, basically everything else can be found in fruits, vegetables, grains e.t.c. Meat doesnt have anything ''special'' that cant be supplimented with other sources. Try to educate your mother but do what is best for you. It is your life and you should be happy living it.




If you balance it and maintain a healthy diet everything will be fine and you will be completely healthy. If you stick with it in the long term your mother hopefully will accept it.

Also people on a vegetarian diet actually have a lower risk of osteoporosis, read this link for more information: http://www.vegsoc.org/info/health4.html#oste

Some studies have suggested that vegetarians may be at lower risk of osteoporosis than non-vegetarians. Sellmeyer's study (2001) found that elderly women with a high dietary ratio of animal to vegetable protein intake had more rapid femoral neck bone loss and a greater risk of hip fracture than those with a low ratio.
Marsh (1988) found bone loss to be considerably less in postmenopausal women who were vegetarian than those who were non-vegetarian. The non-vegetarian diet contained higher amounts of sulphur, which derived from animal protein. Dietary sulphur increases the acidity of urine, which results in increased urinary calcium loss. Increased urinary calcium loss is related to increased calcium loss from bone tissue. Hip fractures associated with osteoporosis has been shown to be higher in countries consuming a diet high in animal protein (Abelow, 1992).

05-12-06, 07:27 am
Thanks for all the help. As for the vegan question, I cant have much dairy, basically only icecream (it still makes me sick but I eat it any way) and cheese. We get our eggs from my Aunt who raises them on her farm so that covered. Thanks for all the help!

05-13-06, 08:02 pm
Do your homework on this issue. Look for foods high in protein or nutrients that meat has and look for some great and convincing facts. "Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances of survival on Earth as much as the evoloution to a vegetarian diet." ~Albert Einstein