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05-10-06, 04:56 pm
I'm new to your forum (unless you count lurking around for awhile - haha!) but not a new piggie mom. I've had "Piggie" (a really original name don't you think?) about 18 months now and my Avatar is a picture of him. We took Piggie in from a friend who was relocating to Germany. The friend bought him at a pet store and was treating him according to their recommendations. Needless to say when he came to live with us in his small store bought cage, I did research on the Internet and found the CavyCages website. Piggie has had a 2x3 C&C home almost from the beginning.

I have to credit your forum for correcting some of my own errors I've made in feeding, etc. We have fed Piggie vegetables from the beginning -- his favorites are red/green bell peppers, carrots, and parsley. He's also had unlimited supplies of Timothy hay year round and fresh bluegrass from our yard throughout our long growing season here in the Southwest. My "perfect yard" husband is actually cultivating a patch of dandelions just for Piggie because they are another favorite. My mistakes involved feeding pellets mixed with other things and not making sure the pellets were Timothy based. I also fed Piggie yogurt drops for vitamin C supplement until he refused to eat them (he's smarter than me) and I started reading your forum looking for options. We are now feeding Piggie Timothy pellets (he's still getting used to them) and don't give a vitamin C supplement at this time. We're just being more careful and complete with his vegetables and limited fruit feedings. I'm hoping the fact we've fed him vegetables and Timothy hay from the beginning will outweigh some of the feeding errors I've made in the long run.

Piggie is very laid back -- doesn't say much in his cage but is very vocal when being held. He loves to gurgle and is very generous with his piggie kisses. We're weighing our options in bringing a second piggie into our home. There is a wonderful guinea pig rescue within 15 miles of our house, so that's where we will go when we're ready. Their website is SaveACavy.com if you want to take a look.

Again, thanks for all the help you've given me so far. I get excited every time I see the message "You MAY post" now instead of seeing "You MAY NOT post". HaHa!

05-10-06, 05:28 pm
I am still hoping my baby piggie will give kisses!

05-10-06, 05:29 pm
Yey! Welcome to the forum. This place is so wonderful, it's helped you even before you started posted :) Good job on doing your research. Your piggie will enjoy an adopted friend, but wait until your ready.

Piggie looks like a sweetie in your avatar. But you can always post more pigtures! We love pigtures!

05-10-06, 05:32 pm
Welcome to the forum!

It sounds like your piggie, "Piggie", is living the sweet life ^^

Also, getting a piggie friend for Piggie is a good idea, as long as your quarentine the new pig for... I think a week. Best you ask a Mod on that one :)

05-10-06, 05:40 pm
Welcome aboard. Yes we do just adore pigtures. Send them on.

05-10-06, 05:52 pm
HowietheGreat, it took a while before Piggie gave us kisses. He is almost 2 years old as near as we can figure. We probably had him over a year before he felt comfortable enough to look us in the eye and kiss our nose. haha! That still doesn't happen much -- usually just a kiss on the chin or the arm. I got lots of kisses after the vet examined him and handed him back to me. Guess he was pleased to be back in familiar arms. haha!

05-10-06, 06:03 pm
I'm trying to send some pigtures but have to figure out how to resize them. The error I got said my files were too large. Any suggestions?

05-10-06, 06:34 pm
I think I got it figured out (with help from my son of course). There should be 3 pigtures -- the first of Piggie when we first got him (about 4 months old I think) -- the other 2 show that we should have named him Super Pooper. haha!



05-10-06, 07:38 pm
Oh! Look at that sexy piggie leg! I love it when they do that. He's absolutly precious. My boys cage is now called the poop factory. They are very industrious workers at their chosen craft. lol

05-10-06, 07:48 pm
Welcome to the forum. Your piggie is so cute.

05-10-06, 08:16 pm
He's really, really cute. Welcome to the forum!

Fire Cracker
05-10-06, 09:36 pm
He is SO cute! I am glad you found the forum! I am sure you will find every thing you need to know here. It is great to know that you are looking at adopting from a shelter. Welcome to the forum.

My Baby Mu
05-11-06, 09:59 am
Welcome to the forum. Your pig is very cute. I'm sure you will find everything you need to know, and I'm glad you have decided to adopt instead of buy.

Percy's Mom
05-11-06, 10:28 am
Piggie is absolutely adorable! And he looks so relaxed. There are some very sweet piggies on the website for that rescue. Good for you for looking to adopt, and how lucky that someone was so close by. My personal preference of all of them, and I'm sure JennG will agree, is the sweet little pink eyed himi abby. He would be a precious contrast to Piggie. Welcome to the forum! I'm so glad to see that we have already been able to help you make so many positive adjustments to your pig's life.

Hmmm...looking back at that page again, those 2 "Texas Reds" are pretty darned cute too. I don't think you can go wrong with any of them.

05-11-06, 10:56 am
One of the things I really appreciate about the Save A Cavy rescue is that they keep all the piggies that aren't adopted and give them happy, healthy lives as part of their family. As you can gather from the "Texas Reds", they also help other rescue operations that become extremely overcrowded. They are my heros!
Yes we have thought about the abby male. Just haven't completely decided yet.
Thanks for the positive comments.