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05-09-06, 10:04 pm
The Cavy Cages Forum started back in July of 2001.

C&C Cages came about in October of 2000 and the idea and instructions were initially published on my Cavy Spirit (http://www.cavyspirit.com)website in November of 2000.

The membership has grown, the word has spread and C&C Cages have become accepted as the standard guinea pig cage around the world.

Keeping a high-quality forum with a growing membership over the years is definitely a challenge.

Different forums take different approaches in the management of their content and members. We actually have a lower than average number of moderators to members and posts. I've never had any problems with my moderators. I'm slow to add moderators and we work very well together.

The only moderator who started out with me who is no longer moderating, is Treen. She just got too busy doing her own internet activities. She is still a member in good standing.

I thought you might enjoy some short bios on the Moderator/Management Team!

05-09-06, 10:07 pm
I'm CavySpirit or Teresa or T.

I'm 49 and technically single. Yikes! I live in the San Francisco Bay Area of California and love it.

I grew up in Upstate New York on a 40-acre farm with all the trappings. Cows, pigs, chickens, pony, horse, ducks, even a donkey at one point, dogs, cats, rabbits, hamster, mice, (no guinea pigs), hay fields, 2 big barns, a never-ending amount of chores to do, weeds to pull, rocks to pick, animals to feed, etc., along with 3 sisters to fight and play with. I was always a sucker for animals and had big soft heart for them. I was always something of a rebel and usually pretty liberal in my approach to life.

I was pre-med in college but couldn't quite cut that, so switched to computer science and have been in software my entire professional life--some 30 years (started out in the punched-card days). I got spring fever one year and decided to see the country. Landed on the West Coast and never went back (except to visit). I'm VP of Sales at a software company.

In addition to a passion for work, my two other passions in life are animal welfare and making a difference and dance.

Love to dance, always have. When I discovered the world of swing dancing, I was hooked. Now I do many of the social dances with varying degrees of skill--West Coast Swing (still my favorite), East Coast Swing (yes there is a big difference), Country Two-Step, Night Club Two-Step, Waltz, Foxtrot, Cha-Cha, Salsa, Merengue, Rumba, Bolero, Samba, Hustle, and more. I wish I had started when I was younger. I'm now an owner/partner at a large dance studio in Sunnyvale called Steppin Out (http://steppinoutproductions.com). I've even started doing a little bit of teaching private dance lessons with my boyfriend--who is a professional ballroom dance instructor. We really have a blast dancing together. This is his site: Dancing Results (http://dancingresults.com/) (I did both websites). I have a few little video clips (http://imageevent.com/cavyspirit/teresadance) of me dancing with a previous dance partner from a couple of years ago. I HIGHLY recommend social dancing as a great way to get out, get exercise, meet people, have a blast and develop your skills.

It beats animal shows as a social outlet! All of the reformed breeders who I have talked to say the same thing. Probably one of the biggest motivators for participating on the animal show circuit is the social aspect--fun, acknowledgement, interaction, competing, winning, focusing on a 'hobby,' etc. I say, find a new hobby/interest! :)

I got into rescue by making the same mistake most people make. Buying a pregnant pig from a pet store, reading and believing pet store books, etc. I've detailed out my 'how I got started' story on my Cavy Spirit Our Story (http://cavyspirit.com/ourstory.htm)page.

It took me a while to grow my Cavy Spirit site. At first I didn't think I had anything to say! :expressio It was just about my pigs for adoption. Then, as my experience in rescue grew, I realized, "You know what? I have a lot to say?!" I continue to have a lot to say! :ohmy:

For me, these days, it's all about leverage. Getting the most change made with the least amount of resources. Rescues/rescuers are so resource constrained. And it's not just about money. It's time, energy and emotions as well. Burn-out is normal and almost always happens. I feel like we've got a great momentum going and I want to see it continue in a logarithmic fashion.

I'm on almost every other forum as CavySpirit, except GuineaLynx, where I am Teresa.

05-11-06, 12:19 pm
I live in an illegal apartment in a screwed-up town in New Jersey, the armpit of the US. I'm a grad student in linguistics and therefore perpetually in need of cash.

I volunteered in early 2004 to help move pictures from an old version of the CavyCages Galleries to a newer version, and was made a gallery moderator. After a while, I began participating more fully in keeping the peace around here, and was made a full moderator.

I have two guinea pigs of my own, Suzi and Jackie. Jackie is well-known for his scrotal abundance, but I am evilly plotting to have him neutered so he can finally fulfill his lifelong dream of getting with "the womens!!!" Suzi, Jackie's mother, can't stand him, but luckily my girlfriend has 5 sows, some of which may actually give Jackie the time of day.

Suzi was a pregnant pet store pig who luckily had an easy delivery of her two sons, Einstein and Jackie. Einstein was a lethal white (insert link here) who required tons of attention, care, and love, not to mention peachypellets and tooth trims. He then broke my heart (not to mention his brother Jackie's) by dying at the young age of 2 years, 7 months. Because of this, I really hate any breeding of roan/dalmatian pigs or pigs who may be hiding the roan gene. That's why I'm the lethal mod.

Because of my pigs' health issues, I have had to learn a lot about dental problems, handfeeding, eye crusties, female reproductive issues, lymphoma, bladder sludge and UTIs, and basically everything else that can go wrong with a pig. Feel free to PM me if you have a pig health question on the board that I haven't seen yet. Just remember that I'm not any kind of veterinary professional!

I can also be found on GuineaLynx and Pigloo, with the same user name.

05-11-06, 01:45 pm
My name is Ly, I am a single 43 year old woman who lives in North Central Arkansas. I joined Cavy Cages in early December 2004. I was made a moderator in February 2005. I am also an Administrator here.

I am a Veteran having served in both the United States Army and Navy. I was an Occupational Therapy Assistant in the Army and an Information Systems Technician (Computer Geek) in the Navy. I have also been to Medical Assistant School. My goal in life is to become a registered nurse.

My internet activities include being an Admin/Mod here on Cavy Cages, , playing games, chatting with friends and surfing the net. Oh and being a Sims 2 (soon to be Sims 3) addict!!! My real life activities are being the Commander this year for the Veteran's Post (AMVETS) I belong to. I am on my third term as Finance Officer for our AmVets State Department.

I am the Commander for my local AmVets Post and was installed as on June 6, 2009. I made history being the first female Commander of any AmVets Post in the State of Arkansas. I was also named State AmVet of the Year for 2008-2009.

I used to rescue, foster and rehome pigs in my area that are in need. Due to space constraints I can no longer rescue/foster like I did in the past.

Hobbies I enjoy are playing computer games (especially the Sims 3), playing games on my Xbox 360, reading, playing with my animals and spending time with family and friends. I also consider myself an animal rights activist.

I am disabled. I have Multiple Sclerosis, severe Osteoporosis and now am borderline diabetic plus I suffer from depression. Every day is a challenge and I take every day as it comes.

I currently have 2 sows who live in a 2x3 C&C cage. They are Chatty and CoCo, I once had a large herd of 7 sows but over the last couple of years most have crossed the rainbow bridge. I miss them all dearly.

VoodooJoint aka VJ has one of my grandpiggies, her name is Baby Elly Lil' Ly MEGABEAST. I also have 2 ratties named Sam and Eddie. My animals are my "other" children and are what keep me going from day to day. I love all animals and have had animals in my life since I was a tiny baby. My newest edition to the family is a kitten named Bella. I also have a 10 year old cat named Sassy.

I have 3 children. My oldest son is 24, my youngest son is 18 and my daughter is 14. My youngest son just graduated High School and plans on attending nursing school in the fall.

I have experience in accidental pregnancies and deliveries and with young newborn pups. I also know quite a lot about the nutritional aspects of Diet and Nutrition in cavies as I have been researching this topic for nearly 4 years.

If there is anything else you all want to know, feel free to send me an email or private message and ask.

I am a member of Guinealynx and the Pigloo by the user name Ly.

(Updated 7/27/09)

05-11-06, 05:35 pm
Iím VoodooJoint, also called VJ. I'm 37, I think, I don't really bother keeping track anymore.

I was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago. Growing up I always had a great relationship with animals. While my parents and siblings werenít "pet people" I managed to wrangle myself a few small animal pets and learned responsibility for them at an early age, as I was the only person in the home with any interest in them. I also had a constant stream of abandoned young and injured wildlife that I rehabbed while growing up and found that not only did I have a way with animals, they seemed to seek me out (even wild ones) when they needed help.

As I grew older I became disillusioned with my safe suburban life and did what every kid dreams of doing. I ran off and joined the circus.

Well, not the circus exactly but the Renaissance Faire circuit. For several years I traveled around the country and worked as a Gypsy Dancer at the Ren Faires with my trusty sidekick and best friend Tekla, my ferret.

Eventually my travels landed me in New Olreans and here I stayed.

Iím married with 2 children now and a household full of animals. My home is usually packed with an odd assortment of castoff, neglected, injured and abused animals that I rescue, rehab and rehome/re-release.

Currently I have 4 dogs, 3 cats, 4 guinea pigs, 1 rabbit, 2 box turtles, 1 red eared slider turtle, a snake and some fish. When I evacuated from Hurricane Katrina we had 4 humans and 16 animals in our minivan.

Living in New Orleans post Katrina has me busy. There are still so many animals in need of rescuing that Iím never bored. Simple errands often turn into exhausting chases as I try to catch the latest cat or dog Iíve spotted living in the ruins and leaving food at different animal food drops around the city.

If you want to know why I became a moderator you would have to ask Ly. She seemed to have been keeping her eye on me for a while and when the new live chat room opened she asked if I would help keep an eye on the activity there. Soon after I was invited to become a mod. If I had to venture a guess as to why I was asked to mod this forum I would have to say it is because of my unwavering views on animal care, responsibility and the animal overpopulation crisis and the fact that I "walk the talk".

The only thing I guess I have last to answer would be about my name. Iím sure many people wonder why I have the name VoodooJoint and what it means.

Itís simple actually. My husband and I used to own a music store in the French Quarter called Louieís Juke Joint. In the back I had a small botanica, which started to be called "The Voodoo Joint". My store is closed now but I still have an online business by the same name.

05-11-06, 06:43 pm
Howdy, Y'all! My name is Susan, and I'm a liberal,vegetarian, animal rights activist. I'm 28 years old, and I live with my husband of almost 3 years. We currently share our lives with one cat (Oscar), 1 dog (Bella), and 2 chinchillas (Buster and Jelly Bean)..

I'm a registered nurse.working in pediatrics.

I care about children and I care about animals for the same reason - they have no voice; they can't speak for and defend themselves, so as a result, they often get abused and taken advantage of. I have a voice, so I have chosen to dedicate it to defending animals. And children, but mostly animals.

I became a vegetarian at 10 years of age when my mom told me I couldn't have a pet chicken because, "Chickens are meant for eating." My mind wouldn't accept that response at the time, and 17 years later, my heart still won't accept that argument. After becoming vegetarian, the rest of the animal rights pieces fell into place. I quit wearing leather (I even buried some of my shoes, much to my mother's dismay), quit using anything that wasn't cruelty free, and became a very proud member of PETA.

I'm very committed, and I'm pretty sure this is why CavySpirit asked me to become a moderator. The threads and posts that involve animal rights are the ones where you will see me most; I'm most comfortable and in my element in the Kitchen.

Percy's Mom
05-11-06, 07:10 pm
Hey! I'm Percy's Mom, PM, P, Percy, or if you want to go with my real name, it's Elizabeth, Liz, or Libby. I'm 30 years old, turning 31 on August 27th, and now that you know my birthday, I'll be expecting gifts.

Currently, I live in Richmond, VA surrounded by my very tight knit family (human and furry). Most of the time, I think the animals are the sanest among us. The humans in the household are Bruce and Gayle (my parents), Matt (my brother) who graces us with his presence occasionally when he can get leave, and myself. The furries are Jasper Arthur (beagle), Lancelot and Guenevere (cats), Percival a.k.a Percy, Morgana, and Lynnette (guinea pigs), and Branwynn (hamster). No, you're not seeing things, they are all named for characters in the Arthurian legend.

I was born and raised in Charlotte, NC, went to college in Greensboro, NC as a Pre-Med/Chemistry major with a Biology minor that became an English major, joined a service sorority, and moved to Richmond about 9 years ago when the cash ran out for tuitition.

I now work in Store Support/Help Desk for Circuit City. Basically, my team makes sure the equiptment keeps working. It's a boring job. For the first 6 years I was in Richmond, I worked in a Circuit City store as a Customer Service Manager, but I got tired of customers yelling at me for things that weren't my fault and throwing things at me (a DVD player missed my left ear by 2"), so in the middle of Hurricane Isabelle, I had my Store Director sign my transfer forms and came over to corporate. I'm still not sure if that was the best move. I could be an SD myself now living in Hawaii or something if I had stayed. C'est la vie!

I joined Cavy Cages in mid-May 2005 after buying Percy 2 months earlier and realizing that there was more I should be doing for him. Yep, I'm outted. I have a pet store pig. But I've been educated, and am still in the process of mending my pre-CC evil ways. In February 2006, after several months of reading, paying attention, absorbing information, and dispensing it back out to a plethora of CC newbies, I was deemed worthy to become a moderator.

My name here is pretty simple. I'm hardly creative with that sort of thing. Percy is my guinea pig. I'm his mom. I'm sure you can put it together. You'll mostly find me here, but occasionally, I pop into guinealynx or The Pigloo with this same name.

06-28-06, 06:02 pm
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