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05-09-06, 05:45 pm
Hey guys whats up?! I am about to get a piggy!!! YAY! I was just wondering, Do zip ties hold together a C&c cage as well as the corner connectors do?:confused:

05-09-06, 06:23 pm
Ya I beleive they do as you can get them here: http://cavycages.com/buycc.htm

But they are called cable ties. Buy the way, you aren't ready yet! Not even close! : P

My Baby Mu
05-09-06, 08:18 pm
LilSweety-cable ties are also known as zip ties.

The zip ties hold the grids together beter then connectors do. You can get them at Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes or stores like.

05-30-06, 02:01 pm
They work GREAT

05-30-06, 06:35 pm
I use both zip ties and the connectors. I like the stability the zipties provide the cage.

05-31-06, 06:27 am
Zipties work great but you might want to use connectors in the corners to hold the cage in place.

05-31-06, 06:30 am
I use both, the zip ties stop my cage from falling apart! If the grid falls out of the connector then you have the zip tie stopping it from falling completely! Connectors drive me crazy, I have to hammer them in!

06-01-06, 08:54 am
I use to use both, but connectors are so difficult to manage and pound in. Also junk would collect in the grooves and be very hard to clean out. Once I switched to just zip ties, that gave me more area space and to take the whole thing out, I can just collapse the cage and voila. Also, I have found zip ties in neon, so they add a nice touch of color.

06-01-06, 11:37 am
I use only cable ties. The cage is so sturdy. I couldn't have the multi-level without cable ties! Also, you can make swing doors with cable ties.