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05-09-06, 01:21 pm
Well I waited over two months and my boys are finally here! I adopted them from Alona on GL who lives freakishly near where I grew up (like not even a mile away). The boys were very good on their first car ride, though it was over an hour and a half. They ate wet lettuce, red peppers and cilantro. They nibbled and played in hay. But the mostly slept under the towel tent I made them in their carrying box. Well now they're home and they seem pretty happy to be out of that box.

First we put Casper in. He immediatly starting running around exploring (though he wants nothing to do with that new-fangled ramp we have in there). He was popcorning and chewing on everything in sight. Seconds later we placed poor Felix in the cage. He was so terrified he didn't move for a good two minutes. When he did finally move he hid in the popcan box maze. Eventually he explored a little bit with his brother and munched on some hay. But soon it was back in the maze for a nap. Casper continued to explore until I finished typing what I just did and now he is in the hidey house napping as well.

So without further ado.... PIGTURES! There is only one of Felix because he's been hiding most of the time.

First the cage, it is Hockey themed:

And Casper when we first put him in the cage:

Vs. Felix in his deer-in-the-headlights position:

And Casper munching on pellets:

Casper laying down for a nap (lemme alone mom!):

All in all I am finally one proud Piggie Mom!

05-09-06, 01:38 pm
Gah! New to Photobucket so I'm just going to post URLs to the crappy pictures. I'll figure it out later, I've got new pigs to watch. :)



05-09-06, 01:50 pm
Awww they're so cute! Congrats!

05-09-06, 01:54 pm
Thanks! Sorry the second post of the pictures didn't work. I'll screw around with photobucket to figure out what's wrong. They're done napping and now they're zooming around. Still no interest in the ramp. But they were kept in a a 2x3 without one up until now, so I figure it will take a while. I have a veggie trail but so far no luck.

05-09-06, 01:55 pm
Oh! Is Casper a Himi Satin?

05-09-06, 02:06 pm
AAH! I can't see any of the links! Must......see.......pigs......

05-09-06, 02:06 pm
Yes he is (don't tell Jenn!) Does anyone know why once I change my photobucket pictures they don't work right one the forum (even after I change and reload the IMG tag from the site?) Grr. I'm so bad at technology.

I'm going to try this again (don't shoot me mods!)





Sorry that they're all screwy. :grumpy:

05-09-06, 02:17 pm
And finally a picture of Felix. Shy little bugger.


05-09-06, 02:18 pm
Wow he's really cute! Great cage too.

05-09-06, 03:05 pm
Thanks. They just recently figured out their hay rack, which they seem to think is awsome. We also hung a wind chime in their cage low enough so that when they do laps they can make noises with it. Well they walked up to it really slowly and tried to sniff it. It jinggled and they both rand away scared witless! It was so cute. A minute later they did it two more times. They can't decide if it's fun or scary.

05-09-06, 03:34 pm
Awww PiggieMom they are adorable! How lucky you and they are!

My Baby Mu
05-09-06, 08:58 pm
What little cuties! You better put the himi pig in full lockdown or Jenn is going to get him! Nice cage. Make sure they can't chew on the wind chime (expecially the strings).

05-09-06, 09:07 pm
Good point MBM. I'm pretty sure it's up high enough that they can't reach the strings, but I'll go make sure. Thanks.

05-10-06, 04:55 am
I am so happy that you finially "fit" your name PiggieMom :)

I know you must be so excited to finially have some of your own. I really admire the fact that you have taken your time and learned the proper care of these special animals before taking the step of adopting two of your own. I truly think it is wonderful that you have educated yourself and throughout the time also have been helping to educate others on the issues and topics that you have already learned.

Your pigs are very lucky that such a special person as yourself chose them to become part of your family. I know you will make a great difference in their life and do the right by them. They are truly blessed right now to have you for a mom, but as time goes by you will know in your heart that they are the ones who truly have blessed you.

I wish you the best of luck with your new boys!!!!

05-10-06, 11:47 am
Aw Weaver, you made me blush. Thank you for your kind words. I'm just lucky I found this site with I typed Guinea Pigs into Google. Without Cavy Cages I don't think I would have every adopted any animal, then alone know how to take care of a guinea. I had no clue that they needed veggies or hay. I figured you bought them at a petstore, stuck them in one of their cages with some pellets and water and you were good to go! I shudder at the thought now! So thank you to T and the mods and all the great members of this forum (and GL especially Alona who let me adopt her boys!) who made their happy lives with me possible!

My acceptance speach is over. :)

My Baby Mu
05-10-06, 03:26 pm

I'm glad you found this website!

05-10-06, 04:12 pm
Very nice cage!! It looks cozy!

05-10-06, 04:51 pm
Oh what fun and I know the house is full of excitement. you know I have been eyeing those real cheap windchimes like at CVS etc. and thought they would be great in the cage.

05-10-06, 07:50 pm
Congrats. They are so cute. I know Jenn is super jealous of that Himi.

05-10-06, 08:14 pm
Oooooo! I'm coming up to steal both of your boys. I can build them their own cage. Felix is the other piggie that I'm looking for with the himi, Casper, as my first choice. Where do you live? Hmmm?

05-10-06, 08:49 pm
When my location says Mt. Plesant MI that means.. uhhh.. that means I live in Mt. Plesant Micronesia. Yeah, that's what MI stands for! *Hides the boys*

Fire Cracker
05-10-06, 08:56 pm
Adorable pigs! Welcome to the forum! They are so cute!

05-10-06, 10:13 pm
Ooo, can I come live in that cage? It looks so comfy. You have very lucky boys that will be spoiled rotten in no time. Congradulations.

05-11-06, 06:48 am
Well, duh, I know it's Mt. Pleasant, MI but where is that? Above or below Detroit and your exact address. (plans route to the house to pignap her boys, bawhahaha) Don't leave them alone, I'll come and get them. Teehee!!

05-11-06, 12:49 pm
They're already spoiled rotten steph! They're in the study which is right next to the kitchen. So everytime someone walks into the kitchen they wheek really quiet, just a gentle reminder that they're there I guess. I'm sure they'll get louder once they get more used to their surroundings. Every time I put my hand in their cage to try and pet them, they sniff my fingers to see if I have veggies. Once they realize I don't the beat it real quick.

Oh and Jenn. I told you I live in Micronesia! I'm located are located 3,200 mi west-southwest of Hawaii, in the north Pacific Ocean. So that would be south of Detroit! :D

05-11-06, 05:01 pm
I'm totally confused but it doesn't take much these days. I think I've decided I'm in love with both of your boys and I'm going to have to pignap them. I will build them a big, fat cage right next to my girls and love them for all eternity. So watch out here I come. Bawhahaha!

05-11-06, 05:28 pm
I was just playing with you Jenn. I was trying to confuse you by saying I lived in a different country instead of Michigan to protect my boys. I picked Micronesia because it starts with MI just like Michigan. Mt. Pleasant is about an hour north of Lansing in the middle of no where. Our town's claim to fame is Central Michigan University (why I'm here) and the Soaring Eagle Casino. Other than that it's just farms for miles and miles. So I'm actually north west of Detriot.

But my pigs still like in Micronesia, so you can't reach them easily! :p

05-11-06, 05:31 pm
I heart the Soaring eagle casino.

05-11-06, 05:33 pm
Well Piggiemom, I hate to bust your bubble but BG and I are in cahoots to steal your boys. Just watch out, when you least expect it.....

05-11-06, 05:35 pm
Huh? Were you planning on clueing me in on the plan?

05-11-06, 08:17 pm
Haha... great pictures!! You have very cute little critters there!!

05-11-06, 08:19 pm
BG-I see what you're doing. That's right you're not involved at all. (Ok, we'll plan later when she's not looking.)

05-11-06, 09:04 pm
I just realized that you've changed your location in your little info block to "hiding my boys from Jenn". Aah! I feel so special. Have they gone into the witness protection program?

05-11-06, 11:22 pm
Thanks Martini!

And Jenn, I'm not telling you anything about where they may or may not be hiding. :p

05-12-06, 06:28 am
Hums the theme song to Mission Impossible. BG-Will you accept your next mission? To help pignap.....*looks both ways*.....PiggieMom's boys? If you are willing, meet me at the....*whispers so no one can hear*.... This message will self destruct in three....two....one....BOOM!

05-12-06, 01:04 pm
BG, whatever she's paying you I'll double it if you lead her the wrong way. Take her to Hell, MI instead or something. :D

05-18-06, 05:41 pm
I'm coming to get your piggies. I am so in love with your boys. I come back and admire them. When you want to rehome them, give me a shout. :)