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06-06-04, 01:31 pm
Not quite sure where to ask this... and it may have been asked before... if so, sorry!

Anyway, there's still a link to Cavy Spirit on the main Cavy Cages page... but I noticed that Cavy Spirit's website is extremely out-of-date! Why is that? I used to go look at the adoptables quite often (loved the pictures, heh) and now I see it hasn't been updated in over a year. Cavy Spirit is still running, isn't it? If so, is there an updated Adoptables page?

The reason I ask is because I'll be moving to Monterey, CA, soon, and was hoping to adopt a piggy from Cavy Spirit.

Like I said, if this is in the wrong place or has been answered elsewhere, sorry about that! :)


06-09-04, 10:28 am
Just wondering if anyone ever checks this forum... :-\

06-10-04, 04:23 pm
I noticed the same thing about the adoptables. I suggest you email them and ask as I don't have the answer. Probably a lot of people use this forum but also don't know the answer.

06-11-04, 11:03 am
hmmm. I'm not sure what you are talking about. For about a month, I hadn't updated it, but recently, it's being updated about every other week. The list of adoptables is current within about a week.

I've been putting my internet time and efforts into two new projects right now. Both are very big projects for guinea pigs. One is a major site revision, the other is a brand new site, both with major database applications.

There was a new page with totally new content added to cavy spirit a month or two ago about kids. http://cavyspirit.com/kidsandguineapigs.htm

And if you look at the very bottom, right-hand of the front page, you'll last page revision date was June 1, 2004. I think that's pretty current.

06-11-04, 11:23 am
Date(s): May 28, 2002. Album by 1 - 57 of 57 Total. 1926 Visits. Shared (http://cavyspirit.com/.%3C/span)

is what the Adoptables page says at the top... I thought that meant that was when they were last uploaded... but I guess not! :) Maybe that's the date of the oldest picture in that album.

Glad to hear you're still adopting piggies out! I'll see you guys in about 2-3 months!!

06-11-04, 06:47 pm
Look forward to it.

fyi, that was the date that album was created.