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05-08-06, 02:33 pm
i have 1 guinea pig his name is moochie, we rescued him from a pet store.

05-08-06, 05:25 pm
Welcome to the forums I'm sure you will learn alot here.

I do need to ask you to please read the forum rules. We require posters to use proper capitalization, punctuation and avoid chat speak. We ask this because this is an international forum and we have many members that do not use English as a first language. Improper writing can be difficult for them to read.

You will find the basic rules here http://cavycages.com/forum/announcem...nouncementid=7

I think you should also read this link.

05-08-06, 06:23 pm
Welcome to cavycages. Did you adopt him from a person who turned him in or did you buy him from a pet store? Just trying to clarify. You'll learn a lot here!

05-08-06, 07:46 pm
We bought him from the pet store, but I say we "rescued" him because he was all alone in his cage, with no buddies or anything! He looked so sad, and seemed very interested in us, so we bought him. He's adorable!lol

05-08-06, 07:50 pm
You can't "rescue" a pet in a pet store. (Well maybe you can.) I know it may seem like they are all sad and lonely, but it's even worse in the shelters! Well anyways welcome, and I hope to see pix!

Fire Cracker
05-09-06, 09:58 am
Welcome to the form. I hope you find everything you need to know to keep your pig happy and healthy.

05-09-06, 11:30 am
Welcome to the forum.