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05-08-06, 12:20 pm
Well after spending the whole night last night waking up and catching my new baby bunny over and over. Ive started the new C&C cage for my 4 GP's and bunny.

The plan is a 2x6 for the pigs with a 2x2 loft and a 2x4 for the bunny.

My main question here is the 2x6 for the pigs. Ive had my girls for about 6 months now and everyone has gotten along fairly well with a few fights between the two younger girls. No blood is ever drawn just lots of squeeling. Till now the 4 have been in a multi level 2x4 cage with a hay loft.

Is a 2x6 going to be enough for all 4. They did all there lounging/sleeping together on one 2x4 floor most the time anyhow.

With the added bunny cage a 2x6 is pretty much my max space in my room so hopefully theres no problems with fighting or else i guess ill have to add on more.

Just posting mainly to see if anyone else has had 4 girls in a 2x6 cage. I know it is the minimum cage size recommended but Im really stretched for space now. My only option is another multi-level but there just such a pain to clean.

Percy's Mom
05-08-06, 12:48 pm
Unless you're giving the rabbit a lot of floor time, a 2X4 is probably not big enough. They usually prefer at least a 2 story cage so they can jump from level to level and stretch out more. If you honestly can't make the bottom of the rabbit cage larger, definitely make the walls more than 1 cube high, so your bunny can stand up and stretch out completely.

Any rabbit lovers want to chime in on this one with personal rabbit cage experience?

The 2X6 with a 2X2 loft for the girl pigs should be fine as long as everyone gets along well, and the loft will definitely give them extra space to get away from each other when need be.

05-08-06, 01:30 pm
I didnt tell the plans for the rabbit cage :) but they are as follows:

The bunny cage will be on the floor and 2x4 grids will go up 2 storys. There will be a L shaped platform for her to jump up and down onto, probably a 2x1 L shape.

The loft for the 4 girls cage will be the hay area but I dont forsee any problems with the size of the cage now that the 2x6 is almost assembled.

Thanks for the quick help Percy

05-08-06, 07:14 pm
A 2x6 will be fine for your four girls. It's the recommended size. I have my 5 girls now living in a 2x6, mainly because they get along well with each other.

05-08-06, 10:26 pm
Thanks for the info everyone. The pigs cage is 90% complete. I was only able to do an L shaped hay loft for now. I dont have enough coro to do the new 2x2 instead of 1x2 hay area. So thats what they have as of now. But they seem to love it, there all running around popcorning like mad.

The bunny cage is complete as well but needs the coroplast base. Temperarely im using a Bed comferter over a shower curtain.

Ill post pictures tomarrow but im exhausted after 12 hours straight on there cages:|

05-10-06, 02:36 pm
The bunny cage is complete as well but needs the coroplast base. Temperarely im using a Bed comferter over a shower curtain.

Is your bunny using a litterbox yet? If yes, and if he's reliable (at least with urine), I've found that an oblong, vinyl, flannel-backed tablecloth folded in half makes nice flooring under a 2x3 grid condo. You would need a larger one for a 2x4, but you can usually find them at dollar stores, they're easy to keep clean, waterproof, and cheap to replace.

Each of my guys get a softie in their enclosure, mostly for traction. I've used linoleum as flooring, also -- you can buy 6x9 remnants at most home improvement stores, and just cut it to the size you need. It's also easy to clean, and fairly inexpensive to replace.

I will say that my guys have always enjoyed having a shelf to hop up and down from -- Angus and Hazel each nap on their shelves. I used to have a condo for Angus that was 3 grids tall, so he had a long, L-shaped shelf at the top level, and a 1x2 at the 2nd level -- he loved being up at eye-level with me when I'd walk by. It was perfect for begging :-)