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05-08-06, 02:15 am
How are you guys :D

Its a pleasure to join your forums and see what other cavy owners do to keep their guineas happy! I aspire to ask many questions here as well as look up information and tips from more experienced cavy owners!

This is my first time owning guinea pigs, I've had a hamster I've cared for over 2 years then past away, so I have some experience with small animals. I've read how guineas are very sociable and their cute little weeks and since their much bigger than hamsters... I went and got one!

Now, I currently have two male cavys, brownie and elvis, i've had brownie for almost 3 months now, and elvis i've had for about a month and a half.

I had another before this couple, but died weeks shortly and I've learned the hard truth about buying from a chain pet store. Yes, these two were also purchased at a chain store, but i really don't regret because they've gotta be in a better place than there...so i bought em a new life.

I've searched in and out of websites and learned alot about basic guinea care and am willing to learn more!

I had a store bought cage at first (i bought the largest one 12inx33in), but soon figured it wasn't enough. So i made plans to build an C&C 2'x4' cage and wow, it was wonderful. I had a ramp, but decided to take that out (they wern't using it). I've used zip ties since they are more reliable than those plastic snaps and i didn't have to worry about shortage either.

My cage contains
- kaytee aspen bedding
-a corner litter tray with carefresh (but they use it as a hang out place),
-2 pigloos
-a fleece cozy cup (large)
-and I've bought some 4in ovc plumbing elbows for tunnels...but then used them for dispensing hay.
- a chube (other hang out spot)
- 2 water bottles filled with fresh filtered water
- a mirror

My guineas daily diet consist of:
- an unlimited supply of timothy hay (they eat a ton)
- Kaytee Exact Rainbow (Current), or Fiesta (i switch sometimes)
- 2 cups of Veggies (some or all): Kale, dill, parsley, italian parsley, cilantro(they love this stuff)
- I used to feed them broccoly and baby carrots...might introduce carrots again
- They don't like bell peppers

Thats all i can think of to post right now.... please ask me anything!

"Cya later!"

05-08-06, 06:37 am
Welcome to the forum. you cage looks great. I love how you have the water bottle set up so they are contained inside the cage. You seem to be doing a great job with thsoe pigs. The only suggestion I can offer is to switch from the mixed food to a plain pellet. They really are more heathy for pigs since everything they need is n each pellet, not just in bits and piece that could be picked out. It could look like all the food is being eaten but one pig may be picking out only one type of thing in the bowl and the other pig is eating the rest. It is great that you are giving them veggies everyday also. here is agreat list of good veggie and how often to feed them.
Every day foods:
Lettuces - all types but iceberg (contains mostly water and very little nutritional value), Good lettuces are Romaine, Green/Red leaf, butterhead/boston, curly or belgian endive, raddichio and others.
Cilantro (coriander)
Peppers - all colours, no seeds
Baby carrots - one small/medium per pig or same equivalent of regular carrot.
Chard, Red or Swiss is most commonly preferred
Zucchini (Courgette)
Corn husks and silks
Cherry/grape tomatoes (no more than 1-2 per pig)

Good every other day foods:

Celery - chopped up small plus leaves
Broccoli leaves
Dandelion greens
Green beans
Summer and Winter squash (all varieties)
Chicory Greens

Some fresh foods should be limited to twice per week:

Fruits - apple, plum, apricot, melon, cucumber, peach, grapes and a few others.
Herbs such as Dill, Chives, Basil, Mint, Thyme
Collard Greens/Turnip Greens/Mustard Greens
Spinach (in small amounts)
Brussel Sprouts
Sweetcorn on the cob

Other foods, such as radishes, banana, sweet potato and beet greens should only be given as occasional treats, say once or twice a month.

Vegetables are important to provide essential vitamins, and if provided with a good variety of fresh foods daily, there is rarely a reason for supplements of any kind to be given.

05-08-06, 07:38 am
ah wow thanks for your welcome!

...i've read carrots wern't an everyday food, i've been feeding them kale more than twice a week (more like everyday, they love it)...and I just stayied clear from any lettuce...

Isn't there is a plethora of items that cavy owners can feed their pets?
but im not gonna carry around pages of what they can eat >_<
(i've attempted to print out a high in vitamin c veggie page to stick in my wallet....not gonna happen).

I generally look at how dark the veggie is as a rule of thumb, i do remember however dangerous foods to avoid.

should I stop with the kale and more carrots? I think elvis doesn't care for carrots much...

Percy's Mom
05-08-06, 08:17 am
Lettuce is good for them as an everyday food actually. Kale is fine, but it's also high in calcium, so if your guys are more than 6 months old, you maybe only want to give them that a couple of times a week. A baby carrot (or the equivalent) is fine per pig daily, but not really necessary. Cilantro is also an excellent everyday food that most pigs seem to love. Bell peppers are very high in vitamin C and a staple in a lot of our pigs' diets. Check out the everyday list in babygrl's post. It's a good example of things you can try to rotate in and out for a bit of variety.

Welcome to the forum! You'll find lots of great info here.

05-08-06, 09:22 am
Welcome to the forums. Glad to have you. Your cage looks great.

Since you are in my area, and since we seem to have one of the worst overpopulation of guinea pigs--due to so many pet stores selling animals and not enough rescues to keep up, I would really appreciate it if you could truly understand the issues of buying animals in pet stores.

I had another before this couple, but died weeks shortly and I've learned the hard truth about buying from a chain pet store. Yes, these two were also purchased at a chain store, but i really don't regret because they've gotta be in a better place than there...so i bought em a new life.

I personally regret it. In fact, you could have truly saved a couple of lives rather than being part of the problem and contributing to the pet mills. Within the last two weeks, and not for the first time, Cavy Spirit (with homes in San Mateo, Fremont and Livermore) had to turn down pulling pigs from local shelters. We were full. They were killed. PLEASE DO NOT EVEN SHOP IN PET STORES THAT SELL ANIMALS, let alone buy animals from them. Chain or Mom and Pop. Makes no difference. They are all the same.

I normally don't make this point on intro threads. However, I really truly don't want other people in the Bay Area spreading the message that pet stores are okay and you think you are rescuing when you buy from a store. You are not.

That said. I've made my point and I would prefer others not to camp on to it.

Enjoy the forum. There's a lot to learn here.

Fire Cracker
05-09-06, 10:12 am
Welcome to the form Brownie and Elvis are so cute. They are adorable. You have done a nice job with there cage.