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05-07-06, 12:34 am
Well I ended up taking a baby bunny from someone that couldnt care for it properly after seeing an add at a local gas station. It was sad Little Lola was in a pretty small pet store cage with no hay or anything to hide in. I couldnt resist right away and told the gal id take her.

I figured since I have 4 guinea pigs the bunny wouldnt make for to much extra expences. But I have a few questions of course as to feeding mostly.

I have 50 lbs of Oxbow Pellets and Hay of course she loves both. But is it ok to feed Cavy Performance Pellets to my Bun?

I went to Oxbow's website and looked at the listed ingredients and such that they have and there is hardly any difference at all between the Bunny Pellets and the Pigger Pellets.

I am aware that the Bun doesnt get unlimited pellets like my 4 piggers do. But is it ok to feed the bunny these pellets?

Since I have 50 lbs of pellets id rather not buy bunny pellets as well but if it comes down to it and she needs it so be it.

So whats the word Bunny Pellets ok?
Also is a 4x2 sufficient for 1 small 2 month old bunny?

Shes in a temporary setup as of now, but plans are in the works for a combined Pigg/Bunny cage (seperate areas) and Lola will get a 4x2 and the pigs will get a 7x2.

05-07-06, 03:25 am
The 4x2 sounds fine but I think 3x4 is better, that is my opinion and that is what my rabbit was in. I would not feed guinea pig food to rabbits, even though the ingredients are similar they are not totally the same.

05-07-06, 06:39 am
I would definitly say no to the pig pellets.

05-07-06, 07:33 am
One main difference between the guinea pig pellets versus the rabbit pellets is that the piggie pellets contain vitamin C. I believe rabbits can manufacture their own vitamin C and do not need extra in the pellets. I would definitely buy some rabbit pellets for her, since she is a baby she needs an alfalfa-based pellet and she should be getting unlimited pellets until she is around 6 months old. You can also feed her alfalfa as well as timothy hay since she is so young. Vegetables and leafy greens can start to be slowly introduced when she is around 3 months old.

If you haven't already, I would visit www.rabbit.org (http://www.rabbit.org)
It is an excellent rabbit care site.

A 4 x 2 would provide plenty of room for her even when she is grown provided that she is able to exercise out of the cage everyday. I would reccomend have at least two levels since rabbits love jumping up and down from them.

05-07-06, 01:28 pm
Ill definatly buy some pellets for her from Oxbow. Im assuming the quality they put into there GP pellets are just the same as there Rabbit Pellets?

Would the GP pellets be fine for a week or so while I wait for the Bun pellets to arrive? Or should I go to everyones favorite place Pet Not So Smart and buy a small bag?

Im goin to construct a 4x2 with a 1x2 L shaped second level to jump onto.

Is it ok if the second level above is sealed off so as that she cant escape? Or should she be able to fully stretch up on both levels.

Ive put a litter pan in her cage so hopefully she learns to use it. Shes only pee'd next to it and theres poos outside the perimeter of the litter pan more then anywhere else around the cage. If shes litter trained she will have free roam of whats left of my bedroom haha.

05-07-06, 05:10 pm
As others have said, since she is still a baby I suggest Alfafa based pellets until she is six months old. After that they tend to gain too much weight from alfafa and you should use timothy pellets.

One important thing to know about rabbit pellets is the fiber content. It needs to be a minimum of 18%, the better quality brands are usually 25% and above.

Rabbits should have unlimited hay, as she is a baby, unlimited pellets for now, restricted when older. I dont know how old she is in weeks? I believe rabbit.org (dont quote me on it though) reccomends that bunnies be 10 weeks old before they start on fresh veggies. Just start out slow and test her out, I'd give dark leaf lettuce (romaine or red leaf lettuce) first and see if her pellet droppings go soft or runny. If they stay the same she should be fine with fresh veggies. I give a plate full of carrots, cilantro, romaine, raddish every evening.

After losing my last rabbit almost 2 years ago (he was 8 and long lived) I recently rescued two baby netherland dwarf sisters from an irresponsible owner that has several breeding pairs running around her yard freely. (Ugh I wish I could have gotten through to her about spaying, she didnt even know you could spay and neuter rabbits). I wish I could take more, but 2 babies is my limit and hopefully these two sisters will have a nice life.

Working on liter training... slowly, they are too young yet. But they have only been peeing in their liter pan. Little pellets though everywhere are another story, no big deal though. They have access to the living room from about 3pm to 9pm daily.

Right now they are in a 3 long, 2 wide and 3 high cage, but I will be expanding that to 4 long. I only have shelves to the second level right now. They are too small and I dont want them accidently falling from the third level and getting hurt, but when they are bigger I will add shelves there.

Oh and rabbit cages need to have tops, my little guys are already professional escape artists and I've had to practically clamp the door closed when I go to work so they aren't running amook when I'm gone.

05-23-06, 06:52 am
I had a rabbit that used to climb the wall of his c&c cage like a cat climbing furniture! So YES make sure they are completely enclosed.