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05-06-06, 07:24 pm
Hello, I am new. I thought the pictures posted were adorable and I loved the idea about growing grass inside! I have a 6 month old Tricolor Abyssissan guinea pig (howie) who I am entirely enamored with. He is my first and is compeltely spoiled. He is beautiful (Tricolored with black, white and copper markings) and very sweet tempered. I will be posting pictures soon. I welcome any tips and advice!:p

05-06-06, 10:38 pm
Glad you found us. Do a lot of reading on the site and forum and then blast us with questions. We love to help out. Looking for those pigtures.

Fire Cracker
05-08-06, 10:31 am
Welcome to the forum. I hope you find out all you need to know to keep you cavy happy and healthy. Read up there is allways something new to learn.

My Baby Mu
05-08-06, 09:44 pm
Welcome to the forums.