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Kevin Murphy
05-06-06, 02:06 pm
hello everyone

i am kevin i live in the republic of ireland (dublin). (age edited out, not allowed to post age on forum) does anyone else live in the republic of ireland? i would like to know


05-06-06, 02:44 pm
Hi Kevin and welcome to cavy cages.

I must tell you though that if you want to post here, you must use proper capitalization and punctuation. This is a warning to do so. If you fail to heed warnings it can result in a week's banning. Also we have a rule here that kids/teens under 18 are not allowed to post their ages for internet security reasons. We like to keep our members under 18 safe. Please make sure to go to this link and read our forum rules.

05-06-06, 03:02 pm
Welcome Kevin. Tell us about your guinea pigs.