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05-05-06, 11:25 pm
Hello, fellow cavy care-providers! Iím glad to know that Cavy Cages is here; that such a pro-pig, ultra-educational community is thriving and helping pigs all around the world live better lives.

If only such a place had existed 16 years ago, when I first owned a guinea pig as a nine-year-old. Months before I got the pig (from a nasty pet store, of course), I went to the public library and checked out all three books they had on pigs, reading them cover to cover several times, wanting so desperately to provide a good life for my future pet. Unfortunately, so much of these books I now know was WRONG. Yay, for the internet, and for smart cavy people spreading the word!

Right now I do not have a guinea pig, as I recently lost my sweetie Dandelion to a tumor. He was a very purry 5 and a half year-old piggy who my husband and I loved a lot and miss.

I am a first grade teacher and my husband teaches too. No, donít worry- we would never keep pigs in the classroom.

P.S. Having joined and been very sluggishly active in a couple of My Little Pony boards before, I should probably mention that I tend to be quiet and not post much. It's nothing personal, I'm just shy online I think. :o

05-06-06, 02:07 am

very sluggishly active in a couple of My Little Pony boards before

Such a thing exists? :confused: What is generally discussed on such a board? I suppose someone is probably asking the same thing when they find out guinea pig boards exist...

Anyway, glad you found us, are you planning on getting more pigs?

05-06-06, 10:40 pm
Welcome to the group. My daughter has her original MLPs. They are great. Tell us more about your plans to get new pigs. Look in Petfinder.

05-07-06, 11:08 am
Cavies-and-Kids, you are probably right- the pony people would wonder what this board is about (unless they have guinea pigs of course). Mostly they talk about collecting ponies, buying them, selling them, trading them, restoring them, customizing them, etc. Certainly not quite as noble a cause as this board was founded on, but fun to those who like ponies. A few years ago, one of my friends made me a custom Dandelion pony- a yellow pony with tri-colored hair and a cute painting of my guinea pig as the symbol on her hip!
I guess I should have mentioned this in my first post (so people wouldn't have to wonder); we have decided to adopt two sows. Thanks for recommending petfinder, jdomans- I have been checking there and cavyclassifieds regularly, in addition to local sources. We have been thinking about this ever since Dandelion's tumor developed and the vet told us he probably wouldn't live much longer. As we made Dandelion as comfortable as possible, we considered whether we would have pigs after his passing.

My husband and I love sharing our time, veggies, and money with pigs, in addition to sharing that special pig-human relationship. We just really enjoy knowing we've helped our companion animals live comfortable and contented lives. Again, I am thankful of Cavy Cages, both for showing me how to make our beautiful C&C cage and for informing me on how to help prevent the suffering of pigs by adopting.