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pink piggy lips
05-05-06, 11:08 pm
Hi, I'm new here. I actually registered a month ago, I think, but I forgot all about it!

My name is Ashley and I live in Huntsville, Alabama with my husband, my 3 rabbits, 6 guinea pigs, and 1 bird.

I wanted to say a couple of things. If you live in Huntsville, Alabama, let me know. I found a great mom & pop sign store that sells sheets of choroplast for $10.

Also, for those of you who use myspace, my url is www.myspace.com/furrythings (http://www.myspace.com/furrythings). I have all my piggie's pics on there. As well as the buns.

My two "orginal" piggies I bought at pet stores (a venture I do not do anymore) a few years ago, at separate stores and times. I adopted the other 4 all at once back in Februrary.

Pillywig aka Mr. Pippin Pillywiggins: he's a crazy puruvian who is white with a brown head. he's just not happy until he's made a huge mess of his pen.

Sakura: she's so cute and plump and has a major double piggie chin.

Daphne & Dudley: they are a bonded male/female pair I adopted. he had been neutered. she's a peruvian with white body, black face; and she's gorgeous! He's um, I don't know what he is. but he's cute. and shy.

Chipette & Chesiwig: the other bonded male(neutered)/female pair I adopted. Chipette's little but doesn't take crap from Chesiwig, who is burnt orange and white and has cute strands of hair that stick out on his bottom. His full name is Mr. Chester Wigginsworth (because, he is worthy of a Wiggins). He's a Pillywig wannabe.

They came with a cavy cage when I adopted them. Since then, we have redesigned theirs (made it bigger), and made a couple for our original piggies. they all share a bedroom together. And, it's just their room. My 2 big buns have their own bedroom, too. (you tend to have a lot of space when you have no children) our little bun lives in our bedroom.

ok, so that's me. I'll be checking more threads out.


ps I will add some pics on my gallery so everyone can see!

05-06-06, 10:48 pm
Ashley, Just looked at your Myspace and couldn't find any pics of your babies. Here is my URL:http://www1.myspace.com/smallwarmandfurry (http://www1.myspace.com/smallwarmandfurry) Glad you found us here.

Edit: I am now looking at your wonderful family!! Just darling.

pink piggy lips
05-07-06, 12:26 am
Thanks for checking it out!
I don't have a pic of my cockatiel on there currently because all the pics i have of him have too many kb, or whatever it is. I will have to get my husband to resize it.
But I've had my birdie since I turned 12 (he was still a baby then) and I am turning 23 next month if that's any indication of how he's doing. His name is Sweetie (ugh! what was I thinking with my 12 year old mind) and he lost his mate around 4 years ago. She just died one night. He cried for over a week! I mean, he mourned. But he's still doing so well.

How many piggies do you have? Just love Buddy and his mansion.

ETA-I see you have 8! I was trying to count all of them together and some were so close I couldn't get the number right!

05-07-06, 02:33 pm
Ashley I have 7 girls and Doolittle. He will be able to join them soon. I also have a chin and a parakeet. Oh I think I have their pics on myspace also.

05-07-06, 06:06 pm
Hi and welcome!