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05-05-06, 10:17 am
lol Hello! My name is Kris! I have to loveable piggies. Fuzzy is 9 months old and until a few days ago was a loner. She didn't seem to mind. She curled up in my chair with me at night and watched tv with me. She would squeek and popcorn whenever I would laugh. She never seemed lonely. She would start "talking" to me whenever I would come home from work. We recently adopted another female we have named Precious. She is about a month old. She was being kept in a laundry basket in the garage. Her family got her then moved and got a new kitten and lost interest in her. We have adopted her. I read the website and learned about introducing them together and they have been great friends. :love:

05-06-06, 07:32 am
Poor Precious, she must have been miserable! I am so glad you you were able to rescue her and give Fuzzy a friend at the same time, gives me warm fuzzy feelings!

05-06-06, 11:33 am
Hello Kris welcome to the forum, your animals sound happy, Do you have a cc cage?

05-06-06, 11:59 am
Welcome to the forum.

05-06-06, 12:00 pm
Welcome! Pigtures please!

05-06-06, 03:10 pm
Welcome Kris. What a great thing to have rescued Precious.

05-08-06, 08:01 am
I don't have a c c cage, YET! I had never even heard of them until I visited this site. But I am working on getting them into one now. I like the idea that the cage I use now is mobile. I can easily move them from one room to the other and give them lots of floor time but if (when) I build them a c c cage I won't be moving them like that any more. It seems more of a permanent home. Thanks for the reply.

05-08-06, 08:02 am
thanks for