View Full Version : One piggie died, will the other be lonely?

05-05-06, 06:58 am
hi folks,

sad to say, my guinea pig wembly died yesterday. she had some sort of gas/bloat/blockage thing happening to her. we tried the critical care and lots of other meds and nothing helped. oddly enough, nothing in her diet or her environment changed that might have caused her to get sick.

onto the real questions. wembly was the daughter of camilla--who is still alive. i'm wondering if you think camilla will get lonely and depressed now that wembly is gone? what signs do i look for if she's depressed. should i consider adopting a new pig to keep her company? do you think she might accept the new pig? camilla is a pretty calm and peaceful pig. whereas wembly (the one that just died) was always high energy and at times did want the comfort of her mamma.

any help would be most appreciated.

Percy's Mom
05-05-06, 07:09 am
There is a very real chance that Camilla may get a bit depressed. Animals grieve like humans do. Watch her for a while to see if she stops eating or drinking. Keep an eye out to see if her pee or poop output drops or she starts to lose weight.

Since you said that Camilla is pretty calm and laid back, I would definitely say to look into adopting a new friend for her. Maybe try another younger pig. Camilla can teach a new baby how to act like a good adult piggy.

05-05-06, 02:43 pm
If they are older pigs you may not want a young pig or the same thing could happen again. The older one dies and you end up with 1 pig that has to either live out it's life alone or get a new friend. If she is young that is not a problem but otherwise I would look for a pig of similar ages. Follow the introduction page on cavyspirit, http://cavyspirit.com/sociallife.htm, and you should not have a problem. I've never had any major issues introducing more females and I have 5 living together. The only problem I ever have is Rolo who is not calm or laid back and hates having new pigs in her cage and her houses. All she does is follow them around for the first day and nip them if they get in her way or go in her houses but she's never drawn blood or done anything serious.

05-05-06, 03:02 pm
I am very sorry for the loss of Wembly.
I originaly had 3 boars that were very bonded. Two of them died and the third grieved horribly. I got him a baby boar of 4 weeks. He was so happy.
They bonded very well with no problems. Just recently I lost the original third pig. He was in with 2 younger boars. I was just given another 7 week old boar. The 3 are fine. I guess what I am trying to say is I have never had a problem with putting in a youngster with an older pig. That is true of the females also.
Good luck adopting a new piggie.

05-05-06, 06:51 pm
I'm sorry. What were you feeding them? Like what was their usual diet.

Keep an eye your piggie. I'm sure she would like a friend.