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05-04-06, 04:02 pm

We have a 15 month old piggie called Brian. When we bought him the pet shop said he didnt really get on with other piggies and had to be kept taken out of the cage . Over the past year we have worried however that he may be lonely.(

Have spoken to vets , some say just leave him, others say he needs a friend.

So 2 days ago we got another. The vet advised us to get a youngster as they would get on. So we bought him and called him Bruce.

At first there was the obligatory jumping on each other ( Brian is much bigger than Bruce though) and scenting etc.

But... ( and it is getting worse) Brian is growling most of the time when Bruce goes near him and seems agitated. Poor Bruce just wants to be friendly.I dont really know what to do.

Will it get better? Should we take Bruce back to the shop as I dont want to risk him being mentally scarred as he is so young. Is it fair on Brian to keep him? I have grown to love Bruce though but am at a loss at what to do.

Can anyone help??!



05-04-06, 04:11 pm
Well, first you need to quaratine Bruce for a month, to make sure he isn't sick. Then look at this page: http://cavyspirit.com/sociallife.htm It was very helpful for me. I hope this helps, I understand what you're going through!

Percy's Mom
05-04-06, 04:17 pm
Actually, since they have already been together, seperating them now will stress them even more. It isn't an instant thing for two pigs to bond together. Unless they are tussling in violent "ball of fur" battles where someone can get hurt or there is bloodshed, leave them be. The growling is part of the normal procedure when a pig is trying to show his dominance. Definitely read through the link that dextersmycutegp gave you. You'll find lots of great information on piggy introductions.

You mentioned that you bought both of your pigs. What's done is done at this point, but if you decide in the future to expand your herd even further, please look at adopting instead of buying them from a store. Buying your pigs from the store only encourages breeding and increasing the animal overpopulation while others end up languishing and dying in shelters and rescues.

05-04-06, 05:07 pm
How big is your cage?

05-04-06, 05:59 pm
If you have a store bought cage it is too small and these two boys will feel crowded and irritable. If you build them a bigger cage they will have more space to get away from each other and have a higher likelyhood of getting along.

05-04-06, 08:07 pm
Yep they need a large C&C cage for sure. Otherwise it is doomed.

05-05-06, 02:03 am
Thanks to eveyone for your advise. I have bought a 10ft square cage so that isnt a problem. I understand your concern with purchasing guineas from petshops but I didnt know they were a problem. Never having any pets before Brian I assumed a pet shop was the way to go. But in future I will avoid. I am glad though that I got Brian from the shop because he looked very unhappy in his small surroundings and I felt he needed loving. He has become a different piggie since being with us, happy and very loving. So there is argument for using a shop. Do you leave them to be unhappy and live in cramped conditions or just ignore them in protest?...its a tricky one.

I have looked at the site dexter suggested and its excellent, so thankyou.

05-05-06, 02:31 am
Do you leave them to be unhappy and live in cramped conditions or just ignore them in protest?...its a tricky one.

But is it worth ensuring that 3-4 other pigs suffer the same fate, just to save one? And those 3-4 may not come home with a good owner like you who will do research and take care of them, but could be sold to anybody, including people who will keep them outside, not look after them, and feeding them improperly.