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05-04-06, 12:55 pm
My daughter and I have been enjoying our brand new pigs, Daisy & Sunflower, since we adopted them in February. This website has been such an enormous help with information that I decided to join. Last weekend I made a C&C cage for the pigs and they're so happy now! I'm very proud of this gigantic cage and as soon as I put the finishing touches on it (installing the secret grotto, private airstrip, coffee bar, etc) I'll be posting pictures!

Guinea pigs are a lot more fun the second time around! I had one when I was 10 years old, but I don't remember it being this cool.

05-04-06, 12:59 pm
I can NOT WAIT wo see pictures of your cage!!

05-04-06, 08:19 pm
Welcome. Looking forward to the airstrip photos. We need one of those also!

05-04-06, 08:23 pm
Welcome. I too am looking forward to pics of the airstrip. My cage has a raceway, so the idea of an airstrip really intrigues me.

Percy's Mom
05-04-06, 08:25 pm
I want to see the coffee bar. Sounds like something I would put in my cage.

05-06-06, 07:27 am
Sounds fantastic, I love it when piggie parents get creative and have fun! By the way, this may be out of line, but is Ms. Havisham your real name or a Great Expectations reference? (I love that book, have read it so many times)

05-06-06, 12:00 pm
Sounds pretty cool.