View Full Version : My baby Jaz is 1 today!

05-04-06, 09:35 am
It's Jasmine's first birthday!

She got a special card and she has a joint birthday prezzie with Charlie, which they will get on Saturday - Charlie's birthday. She just got a new big multicolored plush bone to be going on with and my mum has a surprise for her (and me!) too. Birthday pics coming soon!

http://i1.glitteryourway.com/9/4283c2c68186023c12d7f8c8cd1599fb.gif (http://www.glitteryourway.com)


valerie k
05-04-06, 09:48 am
she is a beauty! happy birthday little girl!!!:lovestruc

05-04-06, 12:15 pm
Happy Birthday Jaz! :birthday: I love that pic; She looks beautiful.

05-04-06, 12:26 pm
Happy burfday Jazzie-peaches!

05-04-06, 12:29 pm
How did you get her to pose so beautifully?

Percy's Mom
05-04-06, 12:30 pm
Her pigs are natural models. I think they're just used to the camera up in their little faces all the time. :)

05-04-06, 12:35 pm
That must be it :)

05-04-06, 01:02 pm
Aww, happy birthday! She is such a cute piggie.

05-04-06, 04:36 pm
:present: Happy Birthday Jazzie!!

From, Jenn and the girls

PS I love that picture! It's like she's telling everyone, "I'm the Queen!!!" So cute!

My Baby Mu
05-04-06, 08:53 pm
Happy Birthday Jazzie!

05-04-06, 09:15 pm
Happy birthday, Jasmine. My boys are sending you extra special piggy kisses.

And I love that picture.

05-05-06, 02:11 am
Her pigs are natural models. I think they're just used to the camera up in their little faces all the time. :)

That'll be it! They pose all the time - you just gotta get a photo! They're always doing something cute. That particular photo I remember she was bribed with food. Usually all the pigs are encouraged to pose nicely when in the "studio" with the aid of parsley (or dill, as those are the only foods they will eat at any time), it's just a bummer that I can't get more than two together as they just kick, jump on top of, whine and nip each other. It's barely even a confined space either! They're not perfect unless they're alone!

Charlie's birthday is tomorrow so I will get birthday photos then. I thought it would be easier to set up one studio rather than two, especially as they share the same presents. With any luck Travelling Charlie will be here too so there will be extra-special photos as well.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I will be sure to pass them all on to Jazzie. :D

05-05-06, 06:31 am
Happy birthday Jazzie! I can't see the picture right now (the computer I'm on has messed up settings) but I will defidently take a peek when I get home. I'm sure she looks beautiful as always! :birthday:

05-05-06, 07:43 pm
Happy Birthday Jazzie!!!!!

05-05-06, 08:21 pm
Happy day. CCC your pigs just get cuter every day.

Texas Cavys
05-05-06, 08:55 pm
Happy Birthday Jazzie:birthday:

05-06-06, 09:30 am
Happy Belated birthday Jazzie!!!

05-06-06, 10:49 am
Happy Birthday Jazzie! Hope you had a great birthday!

Love, LilSweety