View Full Version : Great news!! And Pics!

05-02-06, 09:34 pm
Ok so i havnt been on here since the forum hasnt worked and some may know i adopted a new guinea pig and the previous owner thought it was a boy. I swore it was a girl so i asked the guinea vet if they sex them for free and they do, so we went there and guess what? Its a girl!! So great news for her she doesnt have to get neutered. I mean we wouldnt of had to pay for it because the lady that gave us the ad just wanted him/her to go to a good home and was willing to pay for the neuter. But now shes a girl and is no longer Eddie but Ella. So we introduced her to the other piggies and she was so excited to be with other pigs because she was alone but then she started chattering at Hershey and they fought a little bit and Ella got a little cut on her knows. Its a little better now but she is so cute. None of my other pigs will lay down on me when i hold them, but when I hold Ella she just sprawls out and lays her head down. Oh heres some pics!

05-02-06, 09:36 pm
Congrats. How exciting for her that she gets to be with other piggies. She is probably surprised to know that there are others like her in the world. How fun for you both.