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Fire Cracker
05-02-06, 09:02 pm
Hello everyone,
I am a friend of my baby mu , and I currently have two cavys. Their names are Zink and Elly. This is my second time to own guinea pigs and I know a little about them. Zink and Elly are female girls who enjoy going over to my baby mu's house, and flirting with her four boys. Well, I just wanted to say "hi" and introduce myself.
-Fire Cracker

My Baby Mu
05-02-06, 09:20 pm
I know everyone will want pictures. They are the two that I took care of a while ago and went to the vet with me...


05-02-06, 10:14 pm
Hi and welcome to the forum. I just love Zinc's coloring. Both are adorable!

05-02-06, 10:23 pm
Welcome to the forum I'm sure you will have fun here and learn a lot.

I do have to ask you not to use all bold, fancy fonts or colors when you post. It makes it hard to read.

05-03-06, 06:39 am
They are gorgeous. I especially love Elly. Her colours are just beautiful. Welcome!

05-03-06, 01:11 pm
Welcome! I'm new 2 so c u around! ps. those cavies are sooo cute! xxx