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05-02-06, 02:44 pm
Background: My two (dorkish) brothers each have two dogs, two huskies and then a lab and a rottie. They live together as roomates and my younger older brother hadn't gotten his lab neutered yet (he was about 6m) and one of my other bros huskies wasnt spayed. Needless to say....puppies.... Ironicly the dad was neutered a day after conception. Well they had no time to deal with these pups...so 'lil sis offers took care of mom and pups.

Birth: I had re-arranged my room to fit a huge play pool in it for the whelping box and it was right by my bed so I could hear anything going on. Well at 1 am (why is it always so early in the morning?) I heard some squeky (sp) sounds and woke up so fast I fell out of bed. I rustled around in the momma dogs blankets and found Blaze. A cute litte tan pooch with a white blaze right down the center of his head.

That day: After all the pups were born and I had taken a short nap. I noticed that Blaze wasnt nursing, at all. I went to the vet and picked up a bottle and some milk replacer and tried getting him to suck on the bottle at least. No luck. Now it was about 5pm and he was deteriorating. We ran down to the vet and we began to suck out fluid from his lungs but there was no hope.

Why: I had not been awake for the birth and think that momma dog didnt get the sack open fast enough and he asparated the fluid. He also had a hole in his tummy from where momma had tried to help by licking him.

RIP Blazer boy

05-03-06, 07:43 am
I am very sorry to hear of Blazes story. How many other pups where there? Did this happen recently?

05-03-06, 12:13 pm
This was only about 6months ago. There were 5 other surviving pups, and they all went to homes within a 5 mile radius of my home :) so we take the whole family down to the doggy park and play every weekend.