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05-02-06, 11:08 am
It has been over two weeks and I am loving it! I feel so good emotionally and physically. I do have to admit though that all the veggies have, well lets just say that without having a gall-bladder (had it removed 2 years ago) things sometimes effect me lol My family has been very supportive now that they know I am very serious and can see me sticking to it. My husband and kids are only eatting meat for dinner about three days out of the week and the rest they have been eatting "pretend meat". The crumbled soy hamberg my kids can not even tell a difference and I am not telling them!

I do have one question though that I am hoping some of you "veggies" can help with. Because of us having such of a crazy schedule at times and I really enjoying eatting at home as a family whenever possible I really try to make a lot of meals in the crock pot. This has worked out great for me for years seeing I work part-time while the kids are in school and my daughter goes to dance three evening out of the week etc. What kinds of meals can I now make? Any of you eat out of the crock pot. My specials that I "used" to make was chicken breasts with different kinds of soups over them, than I would just make the Minute Rice and throw rolls in the oven. Others I would make pork chops in BBQ sauce, ham, roast, etc just about anything and than I would just have to make the quick sides. Can the soy meat be used the same way in the crock?????? Any ideas or thoughts would be appreciated.

05-02-06, 02:18 pm
I know soy hamburger replacement works in the crock pot (we use it in veg chili) You might want to try veg chicken breast like strips in the crock pot instead of real chicken. Check the soup for meat. The Cream of Veggie ones are usually fine.

05-06-06, 10:55 pm
Woo hoo on two weeks! Good job! I can't really answer that about crock pots, but I had to tell you that I used to fix the exact same thing for hubby and me when we first got married -- chicken or turkey in the crockpot with soup for sauce, and Minute Rice. Then usually some frozen peas or mixed vegetables and rolls.

Anyhow, I'd love to find more "veg" things I can do with the old crockpot. Let us know if you stumble onto any good slow cooker recipes!

05-07-06, 08:36 am
Good for you! It must be 3 weeks now! I am glad you feel so good about it! And your family are supportive too! :)
You've probably already tried and tested what works in the crock pot - I don't see any reason why soy 'meat' wouldn't work.