View Full Version : Towels for bedding for C&C cage? Opinions please.

05-30-04, 08:17 am
I was thinking of using towels for bedding and changing them once a day. I have some old thick beach towels that are just sitting around not being used. Anyone use the towel bedding method have any thoughts on this? I am thinking of trying it but wanted advice from other people on how it worked for them. I have a 2x3 cage.

Right now I am using a huge bag (25lbs) of pine shavings. That lasts a while but they kick the shaving all over the floor so I thought with towels you could just roll them up and take them outside and shake the poop's off and throw them in the wash.

Anyone have a thoughts on using towels?

05-30-04, 08:44 am
I used towels for over a year in my cage. They work well, the only issue is they do nothing for smell control. The only reason i stopped using them was i got tired of doing laundry all the time. One downside is the fur that sticks to the inside of the washer. It all depends on your attitude towards laundry i guess. My pigs really liked them.

05-30-04, 09:28 pm
if u r ok with changing it very often, 1-2 times a day then it is ok as bedding.

05-31-04, 12:52 pm
how can someone acutally attend to the pigs that much alos 1-2 times a day i dont think so thats wayyyyyyyy to much. its pointless.

05-31-04, 01:44 pm
I think using towels would be too hard. If you do have the time to change them that frequently, go for it! In my opinion, bedding is easier

05-31-04, 03:07 pm
I tryed the towels I put them in at 2pm on yesterday and took them out at 11am today. I never tended to them at all while they were on the towels. Just for giggles I put in a little litter box in there with some bedding in it.

I watched my adult female Sammy go in the box 3 times! I was shocked she has never even seen a litter box before but I think that she was so used to going potty in the bedding that she thought that was where she was supposed to go. I got up the next day and checked on them and Daisy the 4 month old pup was the one that always likes to potty near her food dish...so that was the only wet spot in the cage. I lined it with about 3 huge beach towels.

To take them out I just started rolling the towels from them bottom until they were rolled up...poop ..bedding ...and hay..took them outside and shook them out threw them in the wash and that was it! So easy and much cleaner then bedding, for me anyways.

My cage is 2x3 and its on the floor so its so hard to clean. I use the dust pan and brush thing right not but I might stick with using the towels and changing every morning. It takes me at least 20 min to scoop out all the bedding into the trash ...the towel thing took me like 5 min..lol..

Now I just need to get some extra towels. I will still use bedding for when we go away and I can tend to the cage every morning...

Also it did not smell at all.


06-11-04, 08:47 pm
As many people have said, use the towels. However, be prepared to change the towels at least once a day. This means you also will have to have a second set for when the others are watching. Hope this helps. =)