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Valerie B
05-02-06, 09:26 am
I wanted to introduce myself. I have a lot of pets and love each one dearly. I recently got a pig for myself and one for my daughter. I had fell in love with mine becuse he looks like the one I had as a child. I haven't named him yet so I will get back with you on that. I think pigs are great and I love thier verbal voices.
I havea pair of 22 year old twins, a 18 yr old daughter and a two and half year old son who I now stay at home and take care of.
Prior to that I worked as a vet asst for 14 years. Loved the job.
I am looking foward to talking to you all.

05-02-06, 09:50 am
Hi Valerie and welcome to the forum.

05-02-06, 10:23 am
Hi Valerie! I'm glad you joined. :cheerful:

05-03-06, 07:08 am
Hi Valerie, I am glad you are enjoying the pigs!