View Full Version : Sugar and Spice have past

05-01-06, 10:27 am
I know its been a while sence I have been on but only 1week after I rescued Sugar and Spice from that mean:mad: lady they both went to Piggy Haven and all that was left was my little boy all by his self in the corner:weepy:. So I knew I had to get him some new friends before he got to depressed:sad:.But he is doing better now and so am I. Now Sugar and Spice can RIP knowing that no one can ever treat them bad again!

05-01-06, 11:26 am
I am so sorry that they passed on. It sounded like a horrible story where they came from? Did you pignap them? I am sure that even though they only knew the warmth of your home for 1 week, they appreciated it.

Did you put them in with your other guy? I would be worried that he is sick too, and now possibly the two new pigs are as well. You really need to quarintine pigs for 3 weeks if they could possibly be ill, and for 1 to 2 weeks if you are rather certain that they are not.

Where did you get the new ones?

05-01-06, 06:18 pm
Really sorry to hear about your pigs Let them rest in Peace

05-21-06, 07:50 pm
I'm sorry about Sugar and Spice. I know how it is to lose a piggy after only having them for a week. ::hugs::

06-26-06, 08:24 am
Yeah I'm so very very sorry.
My first gp died a month after I found him on the street.
I took him to the Animal Rescue Center... they found he
didnt have a foot.I got to keep him. And then he just died.
So I know how you feel.YOUR STORY MADE ME CRY.:weepy:

06-26-06, 09:48 am
I'm so sorry you lost both of them. That must be so hard to lose more than one pig at once. At least they lived comfortably with you for a week before their precious little lives came to an end.