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04-30-06, 08:10 pm
Ok here is the scoop for helping your rabbit live a better life in it's cage so that animals can't harm them:eek: . Ok first of all if you are buying a cage you need to ask the clerk if it is made out of Cedar. If it is then don't buy it. If it is Pine knock yourself out. If you are building a cage you should be catious of what you are making it out of (what type of wood). If it is Pine it is definetley good but Cedar FORGET IT!!!!! The reason I say this is because Cedar causes Lung problems and can cause your bunny to get very sick and maybe die. If you want to keep your dog away from your rabbit or your cat away from your rabbit you will need to make sure that the wood is nice and thick and strong. It is so the dogs like Doberman Pinchers or Boxers don't break through the wood. The mesh has to be small enough so your rabbits legs don't fall through and break and so that your cats paws stay out of the mesh. If your rabbit is inside you can buy a cage with a flat bottom. The mesh has to be strong enough so a dog can't chew it off. Thank-you so much for listening to my tips on owning a rabbit. Make sure you don't do the wrong things and cause your Rabbit or Pigs to get sick, hurt or die.

04-30-06, 08:35 pm
We don't condone any full time outdoor housing for pets on this forum. Mesh flooring in not good for any animal. In rabbits it can cause sore hocks, break or amputate toes and cause other problems.

Any sort of wood is unacceptable for an animal cage. If it gets wet from urine or even water it can harbor bacteria and mold. Some woods are treated to prevent rot, termites and other pests. If eaten it is poisonous to your pet. Both cedar and pine are full of phenols which are harmful to animals' lungs.

05-01-06, 10:33 am
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