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04-30-06, 03:57 pm
lol;)This is a pretty funny story if you ask me. It happens to me and my rabbit in my backyard. He would run up and down around the yard and he would stop every second to dig up the grass. when he would stop he would look at me turn his head to the side and he would have grass all over his face. He likes to eat the roots of the grass and he is really funny that way, by the way his name is Thumper. I have another rabbit named Jiggz and he will eat the grass or lie on the grounf like a dog and go to sleep. That is my Rabbit story. Hopped you liked it. http://aliera.hacks.arizona.edu/~bluebird/peachy/rabbits/rabbit.gif


04-30-06, 05:30 pm
Cute story thanks for sharing.

I do need to ask you not to use fancy fonts, colors or all bold in your posts it makes them very hard to read.

04-30-06, 07:29 pm
I love your story it is adorable, its just like a grass moustache or beard or whatever. One day I hope to get a rabbit and name it Sniffles Jr after my guinea pig!