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04-25-06, 12:14 pm
I'm loving this site - I've known about it for years but have never joined the forums so here goes!!

My name is Sammi as you might have guessed and I'm from Scotland.

I have 5 guinea pigs housed in three C&C cages:
Fudge and Honey (mother and daughter)(both female)
Smartie and Truffle (both female)
And Muffin (male)

I started out with one guinea pig - Toffee (male) and since then aquired two females, Chocolate and Fudge (half-sisters). Unfortunetly due to Toffee being an amazing escape artist, both females were impregnated. Chocolate had a litter of four boys (Muffin, Cookie, Crunchie and Buttons) and Fudge had a litter of two girls (Honey and Popcorn.)

Since then I have lost quite a few due to different circumstances and illnesses and recently took Smartie and Truffle from a friend who didn't want them any more.

I also have a rabbit called Peter who also lives inside in a C&C cage (which he frequently jumps over or pulls apart!)

I have a special webspace dedicated to my pets:

My current 'projects' are to extend the cages of the two pairs of females to meet the recommended space (they are currently 2x3) and also to add a second layer to all three of my cages. I am also thinking about changing from towels to fleece.

04-30-06, 06:25 pm
Your pigs are very cute. Have you put a top on your rabbit's cage? That would take care of that problem. Also if you use cable/zip ties for added strength your rabbit shouldn't be able to tear apart the cage. Give it a go.

Welcome to the forum and read and read and learn all you can.

04-30-06, 10:53 pm
Cute pictures! Smartie and Truffle seem to be the best of friends.

Welcome to the forum.

05-01-06, 06:37 am
Welcome to the forum! All your piggies are adorable but I especially like Smartie (your all black piggie). Too cute!!

05-01-06, 01:02 pm
I've ended up just letting the rabbit out and have run of my 'pet room' during the day. This way he doesn't rip the cage apart during the night. I guess he just wants a bit of freedom. He's well litter trained so it's okay to let him out during the day.

05-01-06, 05:41 pm
Hi and welcome!