View Full Version : Foot Problems ~ Pics Included

04-24-06, 09:48 pm
Well I attempted to cut my newbies nails, and of course 3 of his 4 are black and I slipped a little. Its just bleeding a tiny bit, I dont have anything for it, but I heard that flour will work to stop the bleeding. I feel SO bad.

Another thing, little guy has 4 toes on his back foot, and his foot looks funny and is sensitive. The quik on those nails looks really long too. He doesnt even like me to touch that foot let alone get the clippers on one of the nails. Here are a few pics.


04-24-06, 10:24 pm
Flour works well to stop bleeding. I am sure we have all clipped a nail too short at one time or another. I know I have. I give a treat and all is well. Just cut the nails as short as you can. They look pretty long. If you can't see the quik on black nails, use a flashlight to shine up from underneath.

04-24-06, 10:29 pm
His front nails were not too long, the back nails were much worse. Is there anything regarding that extra toe that I should be concerned about? Would having the extra toe make that foot more sensitive?

04-24-06, 10:48 pm
If he's having problems it's more than likely because the nails are too long. Once you get all of them cut shorter, he should not be in any more pain when walking. I don't think having the extra toe would make it more sensitive.