View Full Version : Lucky, the ladybug. :(

04-24-06, 06:49 pm
Hello, as some of you may know, I rescued a ladybug and named it Lucky, he escaped. On Friday January the 13th we found him, but a few hours after that, he escaped. http://www.cavycompendium.com/forums/images/smilies/frown2.gif I miss him so much! I made a song for him here it is:
Little Lucky Bug
Little Lucky Bugy, Little Lucky Bugy, Little Lucky Bugy,
Little, Little, Little, Little, Little, Little,
Little Lucky Bugy, Little Lucky Bugy, Little Lucky Bugy,
I miss you!

04-24-06, 06:55 pm
Let me get this straight.

You found a LadyBug in January? Where do you live that you have ladybugs in January.

You lost this bug back in January and you are now putting up a post about it?

I have seen you do this sort of stuff on other forums and I too am going to have to ask you to stop starting threads just for the sake of typing.

There may be other forums that like "fluff" threads but this is not one of them.

04-24-06, 06:57 pm
I thought this thread looked familiar.

04-24-06, 06:58 pm
You can delete it then.

04-24-06, 07:02 pm
I'm closing it.