View Full Version : Got everything I need now to build my C&C cage!!

05-27-04, 05:23 pm
Sorry I am excited. :-)

I finally got the coroplast today and I will start building my cage tonight. Its only going to be 2x3 for now because I have no where in my house to put a 2x4 cage. (our house is really that small!!) We only have one wall that the cage will fit on and the spot will only fit a 2x3 cage. We are in the process of house shopping now so maybe once I get the cage started I can work on putting in a 2x3 upper level. That would be neat. As for now Sammy and Daisy will be happy to have more room to run around!


05-27-04, 07:07 pm
AHh yes, I know how you feel! My boyfriend and I are making the cage tonight also! No gps yet though, but we figured we might as well build the cage ahead of time even though it's still about a month before we get our gps.

05-28-04, 05:22 am
thats wot i will be doing! I will b getting my gp's in september, but i'm going to start building the cage in the summer holidays. I'm really excited!!

05-28-04, 09:47 am
bleh...we didn't get to work on our cage last night! The coroplast was cut completely the wrong size. Just a little delay, but I think we're going to put it together sunday.

05-28-04, 12:50 pm
Got my cage built and my piggies are in heaven!! Romping and popcorning all over the place!! I know that 2x3 is to small for 2 piggies but its tons better than what they were living in before!!!! (It was 17 inches wide by 28 inches long Super pet cage) Now they have enough room for 2 igloos....before they were fighting over who was going to sleep in the one igloo I had in their old cage.

I eventually want to add on to the 2x3 cage....we are house shopping now so once we get into a bigger house I will be able to have to room to expand their cage with :-)

05-28-04, 02:41 pm
:) i Remember my 1st C&C i was obsessed hehe.my 1st one was a 2x5 with a 1x5 upper level(took up the whole back of the upper cage).But a few days later had to break it down because piggys werent getting along.Now i have 3 2x5's with 2x4's as tops and still expanding lol.I think i found my hobby:D