View Full Version : Abused bunny needs help!

04-24-06, 04:19 pm
This poor baby bunny is on Chicago's craigslist ... someone tried to dye it with Kool-aid!

04-30-06, 07:40 pm
I wish I could do something about it but I am not aloud to get another rabbit, that would mean 3 rabbits.

04-30-06, 07:45 pm
Rabbitluver, I tried to actually get this one and never heard back from the person. As soon as I saw the post, I responded, thinking I could at least provide it a better home than a recycle bin until I found someone to re-home it to.

04-30-06, 10:47 pm
It's sad how they refer to the rabbit as a "thing" at the end of the post.