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04-24-06, 02:02 pm
I just wanted to post and say hello , i got my very first piggie on sat and he is so sweet, We named him Nibbler cause he loves to nibble on our fingers hehe , i have been reading alot about piggies and stuff they need and dont need , i put him out for his first floor time last for about half and hour so i dint stress him out to much , And he loved it he was popcorning all over place it was so cute, I just put up careboard boxes and a blanket down and put some hay for him and a box he could hide in and some toys , i will be working on getting a good playpen area set up for him , Anyways i will soon have some pictures up when i can find the cord for my camera so i can get them onto my computer =D

04-24-06, 02:09 pm
First of all, welcome to the forum. I know you will find tons of useful information so that you will become a great cavy slave.

Secondly, I need you to read over the rules and start posting properly with the proper capitalization and punctuation and spelling out your words. We are very strict on posting policy here because of all our international friends whose first language isn't english. The rules can be found here:

04-24-06, 03:54 pm
Hey! welcome to the forum!

04-24-06, 07:14 pm
Welcome aboard. Read read and read some more. You will learn so much and the results are a very happy and healthy pig.

04-24-06, 09:42 pm
Hi and welcome to the board!

04-24-06, 09:50 pm
Hi and welcome. Are you planning to get Nibbler a pal? As you have read, piggies do better with playmates. Can't wait to see pigtures.

04-30-06, 03:03 pm
Yes , I bought Nibbler a pal this weekend , Unfortunatly i had no choice but to get one from a pet store. I havent been able to find any rescues here in North Idaho. I still am searching for my camera so i can get some pics of them.