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04-24-06, 12:16 pm
I would like to post some pics of my ratties Monterray and Farrell are my two boys. They live together in a Martins R695 cage.
Monterray on my lap (he is the biggest rattie I've ever had):
And here is Farrell, he was named after Will Farrell. He likes to give kisses and be cuddled:

My girl ratties are Tinkerbelle, Merry, and Nozomi. They live together in a Martins cage R690.
Tinkerbelle (she wanted me to pick her up in this pic):
Nozomi - her name means little hope, she came from rescue:

05-07-06, 08:24 am
I love your ratties! I have 14 rats!! and I love them all!!!:heart:

05-08-06, 07:45 pm
Thanks pharaoh, I have 5 all together, and plan on adopting a couple more boys eventually!

05-08-06, 08:08 pm
How come all the rats I see at Petco are ugly, and all the rats I see online are cute?? Lol. I lvoe Nozomie & Tinkerbelle!!

Percy's Mom
05-08-06, 08:48 pm
Yet another reason to stay out of petstores. You'll notice that poeticrat said they came from a rescue. Rescue animals tend to be better taken care of and that comes through when you look at them.

05-09-06, 09:08 am
Well, Nozomi came from rescue, the others did actually come from a petstore (not a chain one though). But I got them when they were just weaned so they've been getting good nutrition since they were about 4 weeks old which does make a difference. There weren't any rescue rats available when I got the others=) If I get more though I am going to try to adopt them instead of get any more from a petstore, but I love them all of course.

05-14-06, 01:58 pm
Awww cute ratties! I have 5 boys, the first picture you poseted looks a lot like my Jack but much bigger!

05-27-06, 02:38 pm
They are so cute. Aww! I really want a rat that will cuddle and give me kisses! How did you get them to be so sweet and loveable?

05-29-06, 10:49 am
They are so cute. Aww! I really want a rat that will cuddle and give me kisses! How did you get them to be so sweet and loveable?

Rats are naturally cuddley and loveable! They make great pets as they are so intelligent. I love mine to bits - I only have four now though :weepy: