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04-24-06, 11:03 am
:confused: Hello everyone, Im new to the site and Im very happy I found it! I have 2 female piggies named Blossom and Maisy. About a month ago, Blossom was accidentally stepped on(head), and hasnt been the same. Four visits to the vet and $520 later, shes improving but still not able to eat veggies. Yousee, she broke some teeth(theyve since grown back) and she fractured her cheekbone, and her eye is virtuyally not usable anymore..:sad: I have to syringe feed her some "critical care" twice a day and give her vcitamin c too by syringe. She really wants to eat but for some reason she can grasp the letuce or spinach or finely cut carrots. She has no trouble eating small pieves of banana, pear, and cantaloupe(even a small bit of cake( iknow bad bad bad but i feel so sorry for her!) SHe jsut cant tear the veggies. Any help on foods to try would be greatly appreciated! thanks!

04-24-06, 11:12 am
You could start rolling leafy veggies like cigars, and grate harder stuff like carrots so she can suck them up like spaghetti. I hope she gets better.

04-24-06, 11:20 am
Oh my gosh---poor baby. What exactly does you vet say? How long is her "healing" estimated to take? Did she break her jaw bone?

Please DO NOT continue to feed her cake. I can understand how you feel bad for her. I don't even know her and my heart went out to her while reading your post, but cake is only going to lead her into the vet's office again and the last thing she needs is more problems than what the poor thing is already dealing with.

04-24-06, 01:11 pm
You need to tear the lettuces and things finely so she can grab them easy and not have to try to get a large piece in her mouth. If she's not eating much in the way of veggies or hay you need to handfeed more than twice per day. Is she able to drink from the water bottle ok?

And I know you feel bad for her but please don't feed her any more cake.

04-24-06, 04:38 pm
Thanks for the concern! She fractured her cheekbone, so that whole area is tender. I handfeed her like minute pieces of spinach,parsley, i guess it feels "leathery" like my daughter says. but she just wont take it.. The vet says her healing can take weeks or months, we just have to continue with the "critical care" formula in a syringe. I hear ya, no more cake!

04-24-06, 07:13 pm
Give her water by syringe if need be.

04-24-06, 10:38 pm
Here is a good page to read: http://www.guinealynx.info/handfeeding.html