View Full Version : Pics of my new BOY!!!

04-23-06, 09:03 pm
Here is the link to my photo page. I am thinking of calling him Joey. He is such a sweetheart, very friendly, was thrilled with the KM hay, Oxbow pellets, and fresh romaine, cilantro, and green pepper! He his such a fuzzball!


04-23-06, 09:13 pm
He is so cute. I think I love him

04-23-06, 09:17 pm
He certainly is very lovable, I will be happy when he can meet Hansel and Charlie.

04-23-06, 09:49 pm
I really like him. He's got a real sweet face and I like that splash of brown fur on his behind. I think Joey is a great name for him. Reminds me of a baby kangaroo... and who doesn't like a baby kangaroo?!?!

04-23-06, 09:55 pm
Haha! I think it is so cool how each animal, pig in this case has SUCH a personality. My first pig Hansel is a ham, he has to be the center of attention and has a little bit of 'tude, Charlie is just anit-social, but is playful with Hansel, and New guy is very lovey he seems like a good pig just to keep you company. He is very layed back and not skittery at all.

I am going to try and put a photobucket pic here


04-23-06, 09:58 pm
Oooooo it worked! :) He has the cutest little face. I like this pic too.


04-24-06, 04:51 am
Very cute pig!

04-24-06, 10:15 am
He settled in very well last night, I just put him on fleece this morning. His toenails are to be desired though. I am going to give him the rest of the day to settle in some more and then cut the nails this evening. Other than that, he seems in pretty good shape. he weighs about 2 and 3/4 lbs, his hair is full and shiney, hes eating well (not as much as my other two though). I have seen him scratch a few times but nothing more than my other boys do. HIs eyes and nose are clear so hopefully he stays healthy!

04-24-06, 06:34 pm
Awww! He looks like he has his tips highlighted on his butt! lol

04-24-06, 07:12 pm
Awwww, look at that FACE!!

04-24-06, 07:13 pm
Aww, he's so cute!

04-24-06, 07:17 pm
He is beautiful.

04-24-06, 09:21 pm
I love his piggy face. He's very sweet looking.

My Baby Mu
04-24-06, 09:25 pm
He is such a little cutie!

04-24-06, 09:44 pm
What a little cutie !! I love the name Joey and it seems to fit him rather well.

Texas Cavys
04-30-06, 02:36 pm
He is so cute!

04-30-06, 03:27 pm
Wow! He looks just like my piggy! Only to much orange...The only orange my piggy has is on his left cheek, but the fur type is exactly the same! Cool!

04-30-06, 03:57 pm
I like his butt :p

He is adorable! :love:

04-30-06, 04:04 pm
He is such a sweet looking boy!

04-30-06, 05:15 pm
Very cute.

04-30-06, 10:39 pm
I am getting very anxious to build the C&C Condo for all three boys. :) I am going on a trip to Belize from May 8 to May 18 and have to wait until I get back. This isnt too bad of a thing, he will have been in quarintine for almost a month by then.

I dont want to introduce them all until I get back because I dont want my pigsitter to have any problems with them. I am thinking of putting the two cages next to each other for the duration of the trip, that way they can socialize a liitle bit before I introduce them.

05-01-06, 08:36 am
He looks like my pig Snuggles! With the exact same face and hair but my Snuggles is pure black. Your pretty lucky to get a pig as cute as that! Good luck.:optimist:

05-03-06, 10:52 pm
Today I added a liitle bunkbed to his quarintine cage to give him something new. Once he figured out how to jump onto it he likes to show off! Heres a pic.


I have decided to name him Budrow. My 2 year old cousin calls my 2 month old cousin Budrow for some reason (His real name is Mike) and I thought it was really cute! He looks like a Budrow too! I think anyways :)

05-04-06, 02:45 am
I love the bunkbed. He is too cute. Budrow is another way of saying Buddyrow/Buddy. Great name.