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04-23-06, 07:02 am

I have three cheeky piggies who live in our living area.

Gremlin is a mohair who's tan and charcoal and his fur sticks out every which way - not matter what you might do to it.

Sprite is my female piggie. She's long-haired and she's white with tan patches.

Harley is their son. He's tan and black with fur that sticks up on his head and bottom with long, smooth hair in the middle.

We've had the adults since November 2005 and Harley was born in March 2006. He's grown rapidly and constantly talks to his parents and us.

We built them a C&C cage and they're in the process of trying to rearrange it. It sits on a table near the window and they can see each other at all times. They have toys and talk to each other through the squares.

We had a male pig called Gizmo for three years. He was long haired and looked a lot like Gremlin with a shock of orange at the top of his head with charcoal and tan long hair. He was fantastic - loved sitting with you, loved talking to you and trying to give you 'kisses'. You could just about have a conversation with him. He started calling the minute he heard the car drive in the driveway and didn't stop until you picked him up or fed him (having a chat at the same time). I still miss him.

We have a number of other pets and our cats take no notice of the piggies when they're inside. They don't care about them at all and don't even try to touch them - even when we're not home. They just seem to know they're not allowed near them. They never touched Gizmo either.

Thanks for the ideas on how to build Cavy Cages out of C&C.


04-24-06, 11:17 pm
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