View Full Version : In terms of pellets, what should my pig eat?

04-22-06, 04:00 pm
There are so many pellets out there and I know to avoid guinea pig mixes, but what do you feed your pig and what is their behavior:?:

04-22-06, 05:09 pm
The best pellets are Kleenmama's, Oxbow's, and if you can't for whatever reason get those, then Mazuri.

04-22-06, 05:41 pm
Oxbows is number 1 recommened

04-22-06, 06:39 pm
Actually if we were going to rank the top 3 I would say kleenmama's pellets(www.kmshayloft.com (http://www.kmshayloft.com)) are well above oxbow for the healthiest pellet. She's put alot of research into choosing the best quality ingredients in the best amounts. There's definitely nothing bad in oxbow's pellets though and they are still one of the best to feed. Mazuri does have some issues but if you can't get the other 2 it's far better than any other pellet out there.

04-22-06, 07:26 pm
1. Kleenmama's pellets
2. Oxbow
3. If you cannot get either of the first 2 then you can go with Mazuri, it's alfalfa based and does have ground corn and a couple other less than desirable ingredients but is by far better than most other pellets available. It does not contain ethoxyquin (cancer causing preservative).
4. Proform is ok as well but it's a Canadian product and hard to locate sellers. KM used to sell Proform before she formulated her own pellets.

04-22-06, 07:27 pm
Kleenmama's or Oxbow are #1. Then Mazuri. After that it's all downhill.

04-22-06, 11:19 pm
What do you mean by "behavior"? I agree with the above about pellet brands. Do you have a good hay source? Pellets should be a small part of their diet. Hay is most important and then veggies.

04-23-06, 09:15 am
I live in canada and is there a store that I can buy it from in canada because I kinda don't want to pay a lot of money on S&H