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04-22-06, 11:48 am
:) Hi everyone! My children and I would love to introduce ourselves! My name is Saleigh and my two legged children are Tate, Tyler, and Dakota. We recently added two cavies to our home. Unfortunalty at the time we didn't realize we should find a rescue, so we bought our boys from a PetSmart. If we ever add to our cavy family we will definatly rescue! We have learned so much from this website. Our babies now have a large cage that we built with our own hands! That was a joy in it's self! We took that silly store bought cage back the very next day! Our piggies live in our school room (homeschool) we love watching them all day! Thanks to you all they are on a very nutritious and yummy diet. Rusty (who is red) and Dusty (who is gray) thank you all!

04-22-06, 11:53 am
Welcome! It sounds like you're on the path to extremely happy piggies! :) Do you have any pigtures of the little boys?

04-22-06, 12:05 pm
I've tried to download pics, but it's not working right. Probably me!

04-22-06, 04:26 pm
Welcome to the forum. What a great room to keep your piggies in!