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04-22-06, 09:08 am
Good morning,

I wanted to introduce myself and family (fur and human). For my son's birthday I got him two sweet male pigs. Even though they were a gift to him they are very much family pets and we are all sharing in the responsibility of care. Wish I had found this forum earlier as I would have adopted instead of purchasing from a local pet store. The two pigs have increased our family size to eight (two cats, one dog, husband and son). Pedro and Napoleon are almost three months old and are Abyssinian. Napoleon is red and white and Pedro is gray with different colors. We've actually considered changing Napoleon's name to Stewart since he reminds us of the Mad TV character ( jumping in the air and kicking his legs- "Look what I can do"). As we're learning about their personalities we've noticed right before bed they start racing around their cage chasing each other. They run in and out of their pigloo, peek over the top of the pigloo at each other and popcorn in between. Sometimes they come nose to nose squeak at each other and then they're off running about their cage again. Its so funny. I'm hoping that this is playing- what do you all think? They settle down after about 10 min. or so and then go to sleep. They are still skittish about us humans and are tolerating (maybe even liking) petting while still in their cage. They nibble at our fingers while on our lap and when the carrot supply runs out. Sometimes they are light nibbles turning to a harder nip leaving an impression on the victim's finger. I'm hoping that with patience they come to trust us better and become more comfortable on our laps. A funny side note- my husband was not for the pigs at all but he has been observed talking to and petting then on several occasions. I guess he can't resist their furry charm.

04-22-06, 09:22 am
Welcome. Do you have any pictures? They sound really cute!

My pigs remind me of Stewart too, it's hilarious!

04-22-06, 11:42 am
Here are some pictures of our pigs




Currently they are in a large pet store cage (I didn't know about C.C. cages until after plunking down a chunk a change on this one). We are investigating what type of C.C cage we will be purchasing in the very near future. Probably a 2x4 grid to start with and adding another level later.

04-22-06, 01:33 pm
Aw, they're cuties! Are you going to purchase a C&C or make one?

04-23-06, 08:10 am
I'm probably going to buy one...I'm not very handy with scissors:)

Percy's Mom
04-23-06, 10:12 am
Welcome to the forum Thirtiesbrat! Keep looking around and reading, you'll find a ton of great information here. It's great to hear that you're going to get your new boys a C&C cage. If you're buying one anyway, and you have the space for it, you might want to look into ordering the 2X5. The boys will love the space, and you'll have room should you come across another little love to add to the family. As far as the store bought cage you already have, if they won't take it back at the store, several members have used them for a storage "cabinet" of sorts, and they make good quarantine cages and hospital cages if you need to seperate out a new family member or someone gets sick and needs more individual attention.

I'm sure the initial post in bold was accidental since you haven't used it since, but I went ahead and unbolded it. Whole posts in bold font like that can be a bit difficult to read and begin to look a bit blurry after a while.

04-24-06, 11:07 am
nice to meet some new gp owners. I have just bought two myself, Dylan and Harvey a couple of days ago. I was wondering if their behaviour is normal as my previous gp didnt act like them. as they are both brothers i thought there would be no problem with fighting etc, but they seem to be chasing each other and occassionally sizing each other up and squeaking rather loud. I am not sure if they are fighting or just playing. Also Harvey more so will go behind Dylan and push his fur up the wrong way and then they will chase each other. I think they are only playing but i want to be sure, could you please help a worried pg owner.

04-24-06, 11:11 pm
Welcome to Cavy Cages!