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04-22-06, 08:43 am
I am Kim. I am a one pig person, going to be getting 2 soon. I have... hee hee I just got my pig and was going to have my preschool class name him, I had the graph all made where the kids were going to vote on the name, but that didn't happen. I was going to have the kids pick between Guster, Tufts, or Ringo. But I like the name Gus. It's simple, it's easy. Plus if the kids don't like it, it's the end of the year for them soon so I kinda' don't care.

Anyways, I have Gus, a little boy. He's the Absyiann/spikey type. He's white with coffee colored spots. He's a talker, like his momma (me). I bought one of the pet store cages then returned it. He'll be on my classroom 3 days a week, then with me. I teach preschool in Anaheim. I live in Newport. Howdy.

04-22-06, 09:16 am
Welcome :).

If you get gus a buddy, make sure to adopt!

Aren't C&C cages awesome?