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04-21-06, 01:09 am
Hi, I'm Valerie. I have 7 piggies. One ridgeback, one american, two coronets and three silkies. I found this site because I was looking into better cage options. There are some great ones here.

04-21-06, 01:02 pm
Welcome to the forum! That's great that you're building a C&C cage, they're so easy to make and you're pigs will be so happy!

04-21-06, 01:05 pm
Welcome! You have come to the right place. You will learn so much about piggies and the best cages and care in the world.

04-21-06, 01:35 pm
Wow, seven piggies! You must have your hands (and veggie drawer) full! With seven pigs I definately think a C&C cage is your cheapest option. Welcome to the forum! Do you have pics to share of your crew?

04-21-06, 03:40 pm
Welcome to the forum!

05-01-06, 11:50 pm
Thanks. The ridgeback is my oldest at 4. He was supposed to be snake food, but someone saved him and then gave him to me. The silkies are my youngest. I got the first one when she was four weeks old. Ten weeks later, oops, one became three. Luckily, they were sows so they got to stay with mom. Yes, the fridge is always stocked with the veggies. The people at the supermarket must think my family eats a very healthy diet--little do they know LOL

05-02-06, 02:05 am
My supermarket now know I have piggies. They throw out a lot of vegatables on a Sunday night that haven't been sold so I get them to keep them for me and I go up and get free veggies on a Sunday. They're not off or anything, just haven't been sold.

And welcome, hope this site is as helpful to you as it was to me.

05-02-06, 08:22 am
Welcome to the forum. I used to have 2 guinea pigs but now I have 5:heart: (I didnt know my sow was pregent. Thats not gonna happen anymore). Im also in the process of building a C&C Cage, but we're moving right now so I have to wait untill that is done. I hope u enjoy it here and I would love to see pics of your piggies:cool: