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04-20-06, 05:13 pm
Hi everyone,
I am sooo glad I found this site. I just got a new piggie from Petsmart about a week ago(I know now...but at the time I didn't know). Well the Petsmarts in my town only carry boys but when I took my piggie in yesterday to get everything checked out at the vet since it is a new pet and from a pet store it turns out my little boy is actually a little girl. So my plans to get my piggie a companion after reading everything I could on this site and the links has been stalled because I need to wait to find out if little piggies are on the way since I plan on keeping them if she is indeed pregnant after being housed with all males. I went back to Petsmart and all the other piggies there are obviously males. She is on oxbow performance, oxbow timothy hay, and oxbow alfalfa hay along with lots of fresh veggies. I am new to guinea pigs and any advice would be appreciated. I am planning on getting some smaller squared panels to build a baby proof cage(just in case) and will try to post some pictures of my piggie soon. :)

04-20-06, 05:18 pm
oops sorry didn't mean to post twice but after submitting the first one it said I wasn't logged in so I thought it didn't go through and had lost it.

04-20-06, 07:48 pm
Welcome to Cavy cages. I'm sorry you didn't have a great experience with PetNotSoSmart. But don't feel too badly because most people don't have a good experience with PetNotSoSmart. This is one of the classic reasons we advocate not to buy from petstores because of missexing. Maybe the chance that she's not pregnant will be good and you won't end up with a litter of pups.

I am certainly not going to jump on you for not knowing that you can adopt pigs in rescues/shelters. You may not have known before but you do know now and that's what makes a difference.

Read over the forum, you will find tons of great information. There is a search bar in the very upper right corner that can help you find a certain topic and here is a great link for all cavy newbies to read:

04-20-06, 08:37 pm
Thanks for the welcome. I have been researching where the guinea pig shelters are in my area so if she is indeed not pregnant I can get her a new buddy who needs a home. The closest one is about 6 hours away unless I am lucky and one of the cat and dog shelters in my area ends up with a guinea pig. I need to call them and see if they even accept them. I am so glad there is a site like this. Not only is it enabling me to be a better pet parent but also a better person since it has brought me aware of the horrible conditions of animals in so many different situations. Glad to be a new cavy slave :)

04-20-06, 08:41 pm
Welcome :) It sounds like you're off to a great start and have done your research. We've all gone the pet store way, and now we've all said never again.

There are a couple other members here from Texas with shelters nearby, maybe you guys could arrange a way to transport a piggie to you, if there's no babies. But calling around locally is a good idea :).

04-24-06, 11:18 pm
Since there are two thread on the same subject, I am going to close this one.