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04-20-06, 05:02 pm
Hi everyone,
I am SOOO glad I found this site. It has provided me with so much information and has showed me the mistakes I was making. I just got a new piggie a week ago from Petsmart(I know..but I hadn't read a lot of what was on this site only looked at the cages and didn't know that there even was piggie shelters). Well I went in wanting a girl but the manager told me that both Petsmarts in the city only carried male guinea pigs. So being naive I guess I figured that all the guinea pigs in there must be male. I picked out the smallest one and started to think of good boys names. Well then LUCKILY I read everything I could on this site and the links to other sites because I had been planning on building a c&c site and then getting him a friend. Well nothing wrong with all this so far except when I went to the sexing page my little boy looked A LOT like a little girl. So I took he/she to a vet who is knowledgable in guinea pigs(which I had planned on anyways after reading about the conditions of most pet store piggies) and it is confirmed that my guinea pig is definitely a little girl but otherwise completely healthy. I had the cubes to build a cage but now I will have to go buy some baby proof cubes since the vet said there is a very good possibilty she may be pregnant since my female piggie was in with 3 other boy piggies at the time I got her and who knows how many others. I have her on a diet of oxbow performance along with oxbow timothy and alfalfa hay and lots of fresh veggies. I had no idea how crappy the food from the pet store was till reading on here so I ordered her some oxbow right away and started her on it yesterday. She LOVES it and weirdly I am allergic to the Kaytee hay but the Oxbow doesn't bother me at all. Go figure. So there is my piggie story so far and I am waiting to see if she is indeed pregnant before getting her a companion because if she does have babies I plan to keep them and get them sexed as soon as possible to prevent any more babies. If any of you have any advice for me I would love to hear it and I will try to post piggie pictures soon :)

04-21-06, 11:08 am
WElcome to the forums!

04-21-06, 11:47 am
Hi and welcome.

Percy's Mom
04-21-06, 12:24 pm
Welcome to the forum signorina. You don't necessarily have to buy new cubes to babyproof. If you have extra pieces of coroplast, you can make the walls taller instead. If you decide to buy the mesh cubes instead, you can always use them to make a play pen once the babies (if there are any) are big enough for the bigger holes in regular cubes. Good for you for planning ahead before the delivery!

04-21-06, 03:40 pm
Just wanted to welcome you to the forum.

04-21-06, 03:56 pm
Welcome! I had a similar experience. Got my second piggy (before I knew of this site) and was told all they carry is males. Well, my little boy was a female. Didn't figure that out until she was pregnant from my male I had here. I wanted to get a pal for my piggy and Petsmart was the only place I knew of. So, I too have learned lots and keep on learning more from this site.

Just keep a watchful eye on her tummy. If she starts to get that pear shape then, time to start feeling for movement. Good luck and we want to see pigtures of your little girl.

04-21-06, 10:11 pm
Thanks everyone for the welcomes. I got some pigtures of my new little girl for ya. You can view them at the link under the album labeled guinea pig. I took one picture from the top to see if any of you think she looked at all pregnant. Hope you like them :) http://www.picturetrail.com/jmj6