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Percy's Mom
04-20-06, 01:33 pm
I made up a big bowl of salad this morning to take up to the boys, and when I went in to them, Caramel had passed away. Everything appeared fine with him last night when I refilled hay and water bottles last night, and he hadn't been showing any signs of distress. Except that he never sleeps out in the open, I wouldn't have known anything was wrong this morning. When I found him, he was curled up like a little cashew looking very peaceful in the middle of the cage. RIP Candy Boy.

04-20-06, 01:35 pm
I'm so sorry to hear about Caramel. :( Rest in peace, little man.

04-20-06, 01:57 pm
Aw I'm so sorry PM. :hug: RIP Caramel.

04-20-06, 03:11 pm
I'm so sorry PM. How's Percy taking it?
RIP Caramel

Carol 59
04-20-06, 03:13 pm
I am so sorry for your little Caramel, how are you holding up?

Percy's Mom
04-20-06, 03:17 pm
Percy's doing pretty well. He and Caramel never really got along very well. They more or less took to their opposite ends of the cage and tolerated each other. I'm researching more experienced vets now and looking at getting him neutered, so when we find him a new friend(s), I can get girls if that's what I find and fall in love with.

04-20-06, 03:27 pm
I'm so sorry. It must be such an awful shock when you knew of nothing that was wrong with him. How old was he?

04-20-06, 03:39 pm
I'm sorry to hear of your loss PM. It sounds like it was a peaceful death. We should all be so lucky when we depart.

Pets are angels sent to us to give us love. They only stay with us a little while because love as pure as our animal angels give us can never last long. You are blessed to have had such a sweet angel share your life even if the time was short.

I hope the knowledge that you have a lot of people here that understand your pain and care helps your heart to heal.

04-20-06, 03:45 pm
I'm sorry about your loss PM. At least he went peacefully.

04-20-06, 03:59 pm
Aww I'm so sorry for you. A big hug to you! And give Percy one too, poor piggie.

04-20-06, 04:33 pm
PM I am so sorry. You know where to find me if you need me.

04-20-06, 04:56 pm
I am so sorry little Caramel is no longer with you. I know you love your boys and you are a great piggy mommy and he was lucky to have you. I know the pain you are feeling and it must be hard especially not knowing why he is gone, but it sounds like he went so peacefully. He was truly a blessed little man to have such a wonderful home and to go over the rainbow bridge with dignity, with no pain, with no suffering. I know you and Percy will greatly miss him, but he will always be a part of you. I hope that Percy will help you through this like my other pigs helped me in my time of sorrow. Know we are all here for you if you need to talk and feel free to PM me if you need a shoulder to cry or someone to even just listen.

Goodby little Caramel, and may you always hold in your heart the feelings of being loved. You will be greatly missed, but never forgotten, especially by your mommy and Percy. Look down on them, give them your strength, and help them get to the point in their lives that when they think of you, they no longer get a tear in their eye, but a smile on their face and a warm feeling in their heart. Rest in peace.

Slap Maxwell
04-20-06, 06:36 pm
I am so sorry PM.. :weepy:

04-20-06, 07:09 pm
I am so sorry, RIP Caramel.

04-20-06, 07:19 pm
I'm so sorry. I'm sure Caramel was a sweetie. RIP Caramel. I'm glad Percy is taking it well.

Percy's Mom
04-20-06, 09:33 pm
The knowledge I've gained in the time I've been here, and the friends and "family" I've gathered made Percy and Caramel's lives so much better, and are now making the loss easier to deal with. Thank you all so much for your kind thoughts and words.

04-20-06, 11:56 pm
I just now found this thread Liz. I am so very sorry honey. I am here if you need me. *hugs my friend*

Rest well sweet angel in the land over the Rainbow Bridge where there are fields upon fields of veggies and fresh grass and streams of clear, cool water to drink. Be happy and run wild with all the piggies that have gone before you.

04-21-06, 08:16 am
I'm so sorry PM. That's so sad to hear. He was loved and cared for and that's all he would have wanted. Along with that great big bowl of salad, that is. You made his life so special and he will always be grateful to you for that.

*Hugs* to you and Percy. xx

04-21-06, 08:22 am
So sorry PM. Rest in Peace Camerel.

Percy's Mom
04-21-06, 08:23 am
Well, it appears that Percy is finally realizing that something is different. I went in to feed him this morning and he was wandering around looking behind things and under the fiddlesticks. Maybe they liked each other more than I thought.

Good news though. Once I finish up the new cage, get the rest of the room finished, and get Percy a checkup, I think I'm going to go through MGPR (http://www.mgpr.org ) to get him a girlfriend. They spay or neuter all of their piggies before they adopt them out, unless they have other health issues of course. This means that P-man doesn't have to go under the knife to get a gf. I might have it done eventually to try and avoid impaction as he gets earlier, but at least it's not an IMMEDIATE concern.

04-21-06, 11:49 am
I am so sorry :weepy:

hugs to you

04-21-06, 12:14 pm
I'm sorry for your loss. :(

04-21-06, 12:57 pm
I am so sorry for the loss of your boy Cararmel. :weepy: I thought my Legelas was sleeping when I first noticed him too. Sadly, that was not the case. I think it is better to have them go in their sleep than suffer. I do miss my boy as I know you miss yours. My heart hurts with you as with all the hearts that have been broken lately. RIP Caramel.

04-21-06, 01:06 pm
I'm sorry, too. Peacefully in their sleep in the best way. He had a great life.

04-21-06, 02:07 pm
You're gretting Percy's friend from MGPR? That's where I got 2 of my piggies, they are a great rescue! The pig meets where you adopt your pig are also a ton of fun, you get to meet tons of pigs and piggy people, plus you ge free food! I hope all goes well when you go to adopt.

Percy's Mom
04-21-06, 02:13 pm
I'm seriously considering it. I have some work to do to get everything ready, and I'm looking for a new vet first. They seem really well organized, all of the pigs appear to be really healthy, and they have links to here, GL, and cavyspirit on their page. Plus, it's not that horrible a drive from Richmond.

04-21-06, 04:03 pm
So sorry. RIP

04-23-06, 11:15 am
So sorry to hear about Caramel, PM. RIP.

My Baby Mu
04-24-06, 09:40 pm
I am so sorry to hear this PM. He had a peaceful life and a peaceful death.

Rest well sweet angel in the land over the Rainbow Bridge where there are fields upon fields of veggies and fresh grass and streams of clear, cool water to drink. Be happy and run wild with all the piggies that have gone before you.
This is a great quote from Ly.

04-30-06, 08:52 pm
I feel really bad for you. what an awfull thing going in to find your best friend dead. RIP little Caramel. Don't worry you'll maske it through.

05-01-06, 06:44 am
Elizabeth-I feel really bad. I was reading over the forum and JUST found this today. I'm so sorry your baby boy passed away. If you need to talk, feel free to contact me. RIP: Caramel.

Good luck with getting Percy a girlfriend. Maybe he'll get a few, huh?? He'll really think he's the king.

05-01-06, 08:18 am
I also just saw this posting today. I am so sorry for your loss.

06-02-06, 05:05 pm
i'm so sorry for you
its really hard to lose a piggy
RIP Caramel

06-09-06, 01:24 pm
We had one that died recently. The vet said the guinea pigs are great
actors when they get sick and pretend everything is fine.
It is because they are prey animals and if they were to look sick in the wild they would get gone really quick.
So deffinately don't beat yourself up.
Be happy for the time you had him.
much love,